Nonprofit Grand Parents Raising Grand Kids


I would love to start a nonprofit for grand parents raising grand kids. Seen like this is a epidemic. I am one of those grand parents. There has been a lot of things happens on this journey. It puzzles me how so many parents just walk away, I realize some are in jail, some maybe on drugs, or illness. But how about the ones that just walk away. Live their life as if they have no children no place on this earth. When I watch my grand daughters my heart pain so much for them they are happy but something in there little hearts are missing something. The girls are 15 and 16. They have a brother he is grown and moved on without parents. In the early years mom, and dad was around gave them a good foundation. They are well manner and respectable young adults both are straight "A" students. I have maintained what they  already instill in the kids. My son was in the military and became an alcoholic, return from the military with a wife she went to work one day and never return. When I found out he was raising the kids without help, drinking heavy. I ask to help  with the kids while he attended college. That was the end of his raising  kids. We felt like we had to step in having guys over drinking around the girls. Of course the grandson matter as well. Mom said she couldn't take the heavy drinking she left. But!  left the kids with the heavy drinker! Neither parent provides any assistant. My husband myself and two older daughters provide for the kids. From lunch money, to extra activities, movie money, clothes and  personal and much more. I am not sure what a mission statement would be but would love to help others in my situation. Anyone have any ideals or how you think I should approach this project?


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