About Vibrant Nation

The most important influence on women as they age is other women.

For generations, marketers have routinely ignored some of their most important consumers: Women 35+.

Women know this, and they universally report feeling both excited about spending more money on themselves AND invisible in the marketplace. As a consequence, as they age, women rely on their peers for advice when they make buying decisions.

In 2007, Vibrant Nation began as an online community where women could talk about topics that relate uniquely to this new stage of life – something they couldn’t do on Facebook. Vibrant Nation consistently grew by listening to women talk to each other. Listening, rather than telling, helped us gain insights from these women, allowing us to repackage and share women’s own words via our website, newsletters and social media. We also used those insights to help brands understand not just why this marketplace mattered, but how to talk to women in their own words. Along the way we wrote a book about our original members called Vibrant Nation: What Boomer Women 50+ Know, Think, Do & Buy.

As these vibrant women began building their own blogs and social presence, we began sharing that content across our own community too. Over time, we saw increasing numbers of younger women join our community, and our proprietary research on the women of GenX (now aged 35-51) showed that they were relying on the influence of other women just like their Boomer peers had done before them.

In 2013 we realized that the women in our community were collectively reaching a larger audience than we could ever reach on our own. Consequently, we launched the Vibrant Nation Network, which allows us to connect these vibrant women and their many readers/followers with our growing roster of clients.

Today, we work with dozens of agencies and brands to reach and influence tens of millions of women 35+ every month, and we do it based on the initial insight that launched Vibrant Nation almost ten years ago: nothing will influence a woman’s decision to make a purchase more than a recommendation from another woman, especially one who speaks in a real voice based on experience – the kind of experience that comes only with age.