Your sex drive after menopause….

I think sex is not just a physical act but a lot to do with how you feel emotionally. As we age, our bodies start to show the signs of
aging such as grey hair, wrinkles and low energy. Since we women go
through menapause it affects us more than men. Hence both men and
women need to talk about how they are feeling. If your husband
understands and supports you in what you are going through then you
will be more emotionally connected to him and would want to try to
have sex more often to keep him happy. However there needs to be more
time for foreplay and keeping the intimacy outside the bedroom as
well. You need to have sex with your mind during the day by doing
things that you both enjoy such as going for walks by holding hands,
hugging and kissing more frequently and taking long baths etc. The key
is the woman should not feel all alone in this. If your husband gives
you moral and emotionaly support then it is a win win situation. Hope men are listening.


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