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Your divorce settlement: The one thing to remember

Today's Featured Comment

From Laurette

I am going through a divorce and the one thing I told myself over and over is that this is a business deal. The entire marital asset pie is both of yours, not his from which to throw you a bone. You own 50% of what is in that marital asset pie.

It is tough, but I have been agreeable to much…however, since he believes I don’t own 50%, he has fought me tooth and nail, gone through two attorneys, three mediators, a GAL and parenting coordinator.

I stood my ground, he dragged me through five days of court for the final hearing….and the court order came back that I get 50% of the marital assets.  Had he been able to do that from the beginning, we would not have spent so much $$$ on legal fees.  But if we hadn’t gone to court, I never would have seen the 50%.   It is THE most painful thing I’ve ever been thru, but please remember to STAND STRONG, RECOGNIZE THIS IS A BUSINESS DEAL AND LEAVE WITH 50% OF WHAT YOUR MARITAL ASSETS ARE WORTH. HE WILL TRY AND LEAVE WITH WHATEVER HE CAN GET; WHY SHOULDN’T YOU, ESPECIALLY IF IT’S YOUR STATE’S LAW????  An opening line in a divorce book I read is “marriage is about love, divorce is about money”…sad but true.

And one more thing….call or contact a forensic accountant, who can be brought in to assess/value his business.  While speaking with him initially, ask him/her WHO THEY WOULD RECOMMEND AS A GOOD DIVORCE LAWYER. That will send you in the right direction….you need a great lawyer, even to only get your 50%.  Trust me.

[This comment was originally posted in this conversation. ~ Eds.]

What advice would you give a friend negotiating a divorce settlement?


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