Writing advice needed

Ladies,  in the fall of 2009 I started a novel on my parent's lives. I am currently 20,000 words in. However, it keeps getting put to the back burner for work and other writing commitments. (Life). So far the book reads journal narrative. I want to add dialogue and depth, but I also want to get it to its natural conclusion. What keeps throwing me off is that I am discovering my parent's oridinary life is tied to some of the local historical events that occurred during that time so I want to add them too.

Here is my question to more experienced writers out there: what is your opinion of hiring a "ghost writer" to add the dialogue and depth so that I can continue to move the story forward ?  If positive, have you ever used a ghostwriter, what was it like and how do I find one?

Thanks, in advance, for the wise counsel.


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