Raising Children at 50+

I’ve read many articles on this website pertaining to children moving back home, etc., and they are great and very informative. However, some of us are still raising teens at 50+, perhaps even younger. I’d like to see a conversation started for women who may not see the empty nest for a few years yet.   :-)

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  1. Haralee Haralee says

    Denise, my best friend , since kindergarden, is the Mother of 2 teenage girls, one still in HS while we just had our 40th HS reunion. She is at a different place than many of us and I am sensitive to her situation. While some of us are talking about becoming grandparents or don’t talk about our kids much anymore since they are adults, she is still in deep with teenage drama.
    Her financial needs are different as is her working life. I think here you can find some kindred spirits or those of us who are close to some one in your situation.

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  2. Magnolia Miller Magnolia Miller says

    I’m nearly 55 with a 12 year old.  I LOVE parenting her at this age.  But she is an easy kid to parent.  She’s very self-motivated, very intelligent, very kind, sensitive and loyal.  I often say that if all three of my kids had been like her, I would be an insufferable pain in butt thinking that somehow my parenting skills are superior.  :)
    But, she is who she is.  I hit the lottery when I had her.  she makes my life a joy.  Which is a good thing since her older two siblings have given me HELL!  :)

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  3. gdispce gdispce says

    Thanks for your responses. I can see I’m not alone. It can be humorously disheartening, for lack of better words, at times. Last year my son and I were in a clothing store when the young clerk asked me if I qualify for the senior citizen discount, and then proceeded to tell me that I had a cute grandson :-) . Financially however, things are working out. I’m in my 50′s and still in the workplace, fortunately. But, at PTA meetings, etc., I often feel like the oldest one there. I do have to admit, he’s the best son a mom could have. I enjoy running him and his friends around on the weekends, and they all call me mom. I also have a daughter that just started college, of course that’s a financial challenge, but she’s considerate with her incidental needs. My oldest, almost 30, found herself and went back to college, she’s now in med school. I hope to one day help her out with student loans when she gets out, not sure about that though.

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