I am going back to school at the age of 54…am I crazy??? Most Liked Hot Conversation

I am a nurse. I was able to quit working in March to start Grad School. I am in my second class and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I am happy to finally find a reason to go for my Master’s degree. The latest push for the Electronic Health Record has motivated me to go back to school. I believe I could work as a nurse consultant or whatever for another 20years!

School is overwhelming. I haven’t been in school since my BSN in the 90′s and a lot has changed…. Anybody else in this situation??? Hopeful yet and confident that I can still do this yet a bit shaky?

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  1. Generic Image Pamster says

    I think it’s great that so many are going back to school after 50 to pursue a dream job or change careers but I do have a question. Most of these posts are from people getting ready to go or currently in school – is there anyone whose done with school and can talk abut how hard it/was it to find a job in your 50′s when you’re competing with much younger people with the same amount or more experience in the field? 

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    • MrsB MrsB says

      I’m 57 and in my final year of a Sociology/Psychology double major and I’m actually loving being in school. Such a challenging and welcoming change from the 8am-5pm grind of a routine job. People always ask me what I am planning to do with my major, meaning what kind of job am I looking to secure when I get out of school. I tell them that I am becoming educated and that’s my primary goal. I find it disconcerting that when one goes to college it always with the impression that a job naturally follows and that just may not be the case for everyone. I am involved with the foster children’s program and raising responsible, well-balanced children free of humiliation and neglect is another one of my goals. Education simply balances my options.

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    • Generic Image nadieo says

      Great question!  Even though I am trying to get into grad school with all of the preparation and paperwork that it entails, I have also been looking for work for over a year.  It has been very difficult and downright depressing at times. But, right now my feeling is that it won’t get any easier to find a job (I’m 57) in two years whether I go to school or not, so I may as well do something positive in the meantime. In all, I hope that it will open new doors for me.  I know I am not the only one in this situation.  It has never been more difficult for people our age to find employment and for me, it won’t be any easier if I don’t go to school. It will be a challenge no matter what path you choose.

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    • Generic Image lainie says

      I just graduated with a Masters in Library Science and I’m presently looking for work. It’s not easy but I am getting interviewed. I went into the program realizing it wouldn’t be easy starting over but thought if I didn’t give it a go, I’d never know. I’m giving myself a couple of months to find a position and if nothing comes up I’ll take on temporary work in “whatever” until something does come up. Life doesn’t come with guarentees.

      I don’t regret taking the program. It was a real challenge and I proved to myself I could do it at the age of 54. I graduated with straight A’s.

      So for now, back to my resumes and applcations.

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    • Generic Image Richmondblondie says

      I would like to know the answer to that question as well. I am half way through nursing school and will be 52 when finished. I got my CNA license a month ago and have witnessed some ageism in applying for those jobs! One lady politely hung up on me when I told her my age. Like I cant care for her elderly mother because Im 51??? Give me a break. I hope I dont run into it too much after I get my RN license.

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  2. Generic Image dstout says

    I just joined this site and you are not alone .   I’ll be 55 in a couple of months.  Have done a lot of odd jobs and the past 7 years as a teacher off and on.  Now i’m beginning to look at needing a new direction somehow but don’t know what that will be.  I feel like i’m 19 again sometimes and a little lost.  ( just a lot older)    Hope school gets easier and less stressful for you .  You can do this!!!   

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    • Generic Image mushtodo says

      I’m 55 Oct 12, I have done a lot of jobs in these years. I am no needing new direction. I have taken 2 courses FASD and PCP at Yukon College. 2 Courses by Distance Learning from Lethbr. College. and couldn’t finish them due to work anxiety, dismissal with a career change. I had diagnostics done through Lakeland FASD Centre, Cold Lake, AB. Results of Severe ADHD, OCD, PTSD and Neurobehavioral Disorder(Alcohol Exposed). This was done through FASSY here in the YUKON. Now I have to figure out the new direction for my life. I needed medication of Concerta (Slow Release Ritalin) for helping stay focused  and for attention. 

      Taking the first 2 courses I passed with A+ and A-. The next 2 I didn’t finish due to family issues and job dismissal not knowing about the ADHD. I was a key worker in a residential rehabilitation home for persons with disabilities. It was legitimate but at the same time unknowing and the client came first. Fully understandable. Now I am unemployed, no income, have just used up medical EI and unable to seek full time work. Pending Dr’s assessment, I may get to go back in Sept. Challenge? Go back to work or school? What will I be able to handle and what kind of supports can I have put into place to succeed at age 54/55. It will be interesting and will keep you posted.  mushtodo

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      • Mike Wolfert Mike Wolfert says

        I just made this site a favorites. As an RN for over 20 years I have been wanting to go back and get into the Geriatric Nurse Pract. Masters program. I feel I would succeed. What great success stories. Thanks. I will show my fellow nurses if they get down.

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      • Nettiefre Nettiefre says

        How are you doing?

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  3. Generic Image LucyBHoffman says

    The fascinating aspect of this thread is how long it has remained active.  That impresses me deeply.  Many want the opportunity to spread their wings – who cares how old you are?  Live your life, not your age (I didn’t create that).  Plan to live forever – you are doing pretty good so far (I didn’t create that either).  Embrace life, don’t hide your light under a bushel, jump out there and spread your wings.  Find the wind that will push you ever higher.  It will be disguised as peers, helpful advisors, positive people, and encouraging comments.  

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    • Generic Image nadieo says

      I totally agree.  I participated in this thread early on, since then I have applied to two graduate programs (and have not been accepted), but I am forging ahead.  I believe I know what my shortfalls were in terms of graduate school (I hope it’s not ageism) and I am working to correct those.  I continue to seek employment and continue with my search for a graduate program that recognizes that I can still contribute.  I am not discouraged yet, a little bewildered about the next step, but comforted in knowing that other VN’ers are cheering me on as I cheer for them.

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  4. Generic Image Dianah says

    I agree with Healthguru! I think you’re heading in the right direction. Nutrition and homeopathic practices are becoming more and more popular with people who are becoming disenchanted with the standard medical community. You can’t go wrong making people naturally heathy as opposed to treating their symtoms with drugs…. go for your dreams and make them come true. Let me share with you something I just found: “I am an infinite being. The age of my body has no bearing on what I do or who I am.” Best wishes!

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  5. Generic Image Moongirl007 says

    I ask this question on many of these “going back to school” and “want to find my dream job” threads…
    How are you paying for your education?
    It’s very, very expensive these days. Are you taking out loans? If so, you are saddling yourself with debt that it may take years to dig out of — at an age where you should be reducing debt. Student loan defaults are reaching record highs. If you must support yourself, how many years must you work at your new career (you can figure out the average salary) in order to recoup your investment?
    It’s wonderful to dream. And everyone’s financial situation is different. But please, please: Dream responsibly.

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