Husband loses his job before divorce.

Please if anyone has an answer I would appreciate it.  My husband and I have been separated 10 months now and he loses his job the end of this month.

We are going to have to use our money to pay bills.  Is there anyone with legal input?  Since he lost his job and has nothing lined up.  My fear is we will spend all of our savings just making 2 house payments.  I don’t want him to bankrupt me and ruin my credit.  He was earning 6 figures I don’t want to sign any divorce papers until he has a job.  If anyone has been through something like this please let me know what happened.



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  1. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    if I were you, I’d speed up this divorce, not slow it down.  Id get divorced while there are assets left to divide.  As long as you are married, his debts are your debts.  And he’s in a position to do nothing but spend down your assets, and accumulate liabilities.

    Dont let him become a libaility to you.  Cut bait and run.

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