How in the world at the age of 51 do you start all over again Hot Conversation

Laid off from job both husband and wife. used up retirement 401K for medical expenses because lost health insurance. I have a husband who needs meds for COPD he gets TOO MUCH UNEMPLOYMENT  to be eligible for assistance programs. Lost our home, chose to buy med instead of mortgage had no choice needed medicine that cash out was almost $1000.00 a month for husband with COPD and now I am depressed and need medicine also. What do I do? No security or sense of stability in my life. Always thinking how low can we go.

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  1. Generic Image yaya says

    You and I need to talk do I have a business for you, home based, residual income!

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    • Generic Image cfsloan says

      Hi! I too need to correspond with you. Divorced mom, 60, laid off, unemployment just about out and no medical incurance. Been very leary about home based businesses as there are so many scams out there. I look forward to hearing from you. I am in NOLA.

      THANK YOU!!!

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      • Generic Image yaya says

        I would love to talk to you! This is not a scam before I started I did lots of due diligence on this company. It is family owned & debt free here is my website http://www.mxicorp.com and my personal email address is sasebben@onyourteam.com to contact me

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      • rkaster rkaster says

        FOR LADIES ONLY: Ladies, hear what other ladies are saying about owning their own on-line UnFranchise Business. Dial in and listen to  tell you how you too can be successful and create the lifestyle you want.Call in tonight, Sunday at 8:30PM EST, Here is the number and code.646-519-5815 then enter 1314# Then get back with me and lets get you started on that lifestyle.

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      • Generic Image yaya says

        Did you take a look at this site?  I have a girlfriend in two years replaced a 6 figure income from doing this.  Let me know if you would like me to call or email you

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    • Generic Image twincin says

      can you send some information about your home based business. 

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  2. Generic Image CTN says

    Pray and look for the lesson you are to learn in this trying time and know that you will make it through.  That is Faith.

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  3. rkaster rkaster says

    Please read my vn profile.. maybe it can give you hope. Ill say a prayer for you. 

    Always remember. Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open.

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  4. JAZZY JAZZY says

    I am a strong believer in prayer and miracles. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Don’t give up on GOD or yourself. Hang in there. Focus on the size of your GOD, rather than the size of your giants (troubles, trials, adversity).Each day GOD breathes new life into you.

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    • Generic Image pstan57 says

      I am so glad I came upon this posting.  The comment about Focus on the size of your GOD rather than the size of your giants.  What a profound statement that is going to be to help me get thru what I have been going through for so long.  God bless you. 

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    • Generic Image Diana2356 says

      I sure agree.  God is so huge!  This is a perfect opportunity for Him to re-prove Himself!  Let us know how he answers your/our prayers for you.

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  5. Generic Image elissaf says

    I am so sorry…….went through the same thing, although not exactly …..there are SOOO many people going through what you are going through….if you have any spiritual life, this is a good time to put a little more effort into it….I think these are times where our “faith” will help us along….I am glad you are blogging about this, and I’ll be interested in hearing other people’s comments too….keep up with the news on what Washington is doing, utilitze the local Health Clinics for help with your depression, there IS help out there….but it sounds like you are on overload…..I am glad you realize that YOU need help during this too….also check out your County Job and Family Services to see what they have to offer….and if you are seen by a doctor, many of the drug companies offer assistance in helping with things like medication for depression, etc….thanks for sharing this yesterday…..be sure to “tap into” your spiritual side….the “intuition” that comes with a spiritual life can really be help!  Hugs, girl!

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  6. Generic Image KMC says

    repent and snap out of it!!! get yourself together. God can help you take your steps of faith also.

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  7. Generic Image Anonymous1 says

    Hi red51:

    For medical assistance please google, Co-Payment Programs and contact every agency on the list to see if you can get help with your husbands med’s.  Also whatever medication he is taking, google the name of the medication and see who it is manufactured by and then look for prescription assistance there as well.  I have 3 rx’s that I have co payment care from the manufacturer, they normally will issue you a card right on line or send it to you in 1-2 weeks.  This will help you tremendously with medical expense.  As they can pick up 90% of that cost and then all you pay is between $10 – $40.00 per refill.

    For yourself, of course you will need to go the County Health Department to get FREE medical care so schedule your appointment and then go on line with your Rx to see if you can get it filled for FREE by the manufacturer..also ask your doctor if he has a discount card.  They will not offer it unless you ask. 

    Hope this helps

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  8. Marsha Loves CORE4 Marsha Loves CORE4 says

    I am so sorry to hear about what has been taking place in your life.  I also am in a home based business that is Amazing.  If you are interested please email me at   ultimate3m@cox.net   and I would be very happy to share with you. 

    You are in my thoughts and Prayers,


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    • Generic Image twincin says

      what is your home based business,   I need something to supplement my income.  Can you help me?  thanks in advance!  Cindy

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  9. Generic Image Anonymous says

    To KMC.

    Offensive much?

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