finding a new job at 58

Hi , I could use a pep talk about looking for new work at 58. I am an esthetician. I no longer have the passion for spa work and feel I don’t measure up in appearance despite staying in shape and careful cosmetic application. I got certifiied as a phlebotomist and have applied to several companies for work but no luck. I feel at 58 no one is interested in me and it is useless to consider pursuing anything else. My current job is very demanding and causes tremendous pain and stress PLUS it is not what I can do until 65. Any thoughts for me?

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  1. Barbara Elaine Singer- "Life Reinventor Coach" Barbara Elaine Singer- "Life Reinventor Coach" says

    Yes, since we will be working much longer in life, it is so important to love what we do.  Physical and mental stess age us more than passing birthdays. Rethink your work.  How can you use your education and experience in another way. Can you switch from spa to a medical setting?  Work in a resort town part of year to break up your scenery?  Many places hire seasonally and provide housing.

    Or do something completely different that you really love.  Like caring for children or baking.  Work at something you love and a new business opportunity will come. 

    But the big questions is, what is really going to change between now and retirement?  Are you working for health care, until your mortgage is pay off or will you need to keep earning a specific dollar amount or will be able to live on social security?  Do you know how much you will be getting?  

    What if you made changes now at 58 rather than waiting until 65?  Like sell your big house and move into a condo.  Cheaper and less maintenance  or rent out a bedroom or 2 to another mature woman  How would you like $500 or $1000 coming in, without having to leave the house!  Change your home from a liability to an asset.  It would certainly take some pressure off of having to earn it and you may just gain a new friend….so choose someone like you.

    Many people work for healthcare, but how good is your policy and how much is your share to pay? I buy my own policy from Humana, I’m 50, healthy, don’t smoke and in the right weight and take no medication.  There is a $5000 deductible and I pay $253 a month that includes 4 doctor visits and a mammogram.  Sure I pay the small stuff, but I do mostly holistic anyway.

    At 45, I went from wife, mother, corporate sales exec to single. empty nest and living on a winery in Tuscany.  I quit my corp job, liquidated my possessions and rented out my house and took on an amazing adventure that is still going!  

    Take the leap of faith,  change it up and charge ahead.  When you take action, the doors start opening!

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  2. Generic Image Anonymous says

    Thanks Barbara, I guess the constant rejection applying for phlebotomy position really got me down.I am researching working as a medical esthetician that would get me out of the Spa but I would still be in skincare. Also I have 26 years experience as a manufacturing mechanical inspector and would love to return to that sector as well.How to I get over the thought that I am too old for any of this?!Some of my fiends think I am being foolish. Thanks again Kathie

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  3. Barbara Elaine Singer- "Life Reinventor Coach" Barbara Elaine Singer- "Life Reinventor Coach" says

    Perhaps you are thinking about a generation or ago.  You would be retiring and “winding” down at 59, but times are different.  You are probably much more “with it” than in those days, your health is better but  due to economics going to work longer. YOur energy and excitement will return when you are in a place where you are respected, have something to offer and feel the creative juices flowing again.  Don’t beat yourself up,,, things just got a little stale. 

    You may feel older because you are in the beauty business and around stylish women who are constantly focused on aging.  Thats enough to make anyone overly sensitive. 

    You have a lot to offer and in a new environment, these talents will come out.  Change up your routine outside of work.  Add some new energy by going directly from work to a park or lake and enjoy a some sunshine.  Ride your bike or take a walk in your neighborhood.  Create a new place in your home to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee or read.  Open the curtains, light some candles and play music you love.   Give yourself a chance to remember your talents and dreams long forgotten.  PLan to trip.  I always feel better when have someone on the books to look forward too.

    Focus on the good in your life,  the good talents you possess and answer the question:  If money were no object, what would I do?  YOu’ll be amazed how focusing on the answer will open new doors of opportunity!

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  4. Generic Image Jaycee says

    I gave up both a university position and a teaching position to move due to a short-term career opportunity for my husband, having been told that finding something comparable to what I had would be no problem where we moved  Well, I’ve been applying and waiting for 6 years–university and public/private school hiring freezes in a “broke” state–and an area which hires “insiders” first–have left me with a severe gap in my  resume.  Being diagnosed with two chronic illnesses have further compounded the issue.  I’m going to volunteer for docent positions when we move this year yet again.  At 57, I’m hoping volunteering will lead to something.

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    • Generic Image Anonymous says

      Jaycee…your story sounds so much like mine. I made many decisions in support of my spouse and family and my career took a back seat. I always thought I could find something because I always did. But, that was before I hit 50 and an ongoing recession and an area that tends to hire insiders. I applied for several positions where I know there was a chosen candidate but they had to jump through the hoops anyway and interview 2-3 others. I am just trying to keep the faith and never, ever give up.

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      • Generic Image Jaycee says

        Yes, that is the only thing to do.  What takes the hit is the resume/CV, though, doesn’t it?  Doing this for my husband was a choice–he is much younger and this was a good opportunity for him–but I am glad to be getting out of this area soon.  Good luck to you!

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