Delay the Divorce…

I thought this was very interesting for all of us…Wonder how many are living this way?…TRACK


Divorce After 50: How to Save Yourself and Lose Him
6 keys to help you survive (even thrive) when a long-term marriage ends

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  1. Generic Image baywatchgranny says

    I think there are several couples living like this.  The cost of lawyers does not help. Most couples need to get pass the wanting to get even or taking the other spouse to the cleaners.  What is done is done.  I am in the process of filing and the cost to do so will more then likely drain my savings, I think this is wrong. If there was some way I could file the separation myself and save money I would, but even the courts won’t let you handle it by yourself even when you know what is fair. Only lawyers get rich off divorces.

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    • Generic Image SIZZELN says

      Everything to do with the justice system is money making! And they want you in the poorhouse…TRACK

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    • aznikki aznikki says

      In Arizona, you can file for a divorce (uncontested) for less than $1,000.  Of course, that’s only if both parties agree on custody, who keeps what etc….

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  2. ThurmanLady ThurmanLady says

    My first thought as I started to read this was wondering how many reconciled during that struggle.  Apparently not many.  My second thought is how hard it is to decide to divorce as it is, without the financial strain that keeps people stuck.  When I moved out and came to my current home, I didn’t have a lot and actually stayed in a shed for a while with no electricity, no bathroom, no water.  Thankfully my aunt lives close by and I was able to take care of some of the necessities at her home.  I guess it just goes to show how much I wanted to go.  As it was, I stayed with him in our home for 3 months waiting for the weather to change so that I could move; plus, I needed to figure out how to leave my job.  It all worked out perfectly, as I was laid off about the time I was ready to go.

    So on April 1st, five years ago, I left.  The house was sold – about a year after I would have gotten top dollar, but, thankfully, before it all crashed.  I know how tough that 3 months was, “existing” in the same house.  I can’t imagine 3 years! ♥

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  3. Sunblossom Sunblossom says

    My ex-inlaws lived together for 14 years after they divorced….I always thought it was very weird, but seemed to work for them…..no reconciliation, in fact she dated some during that time….can you imagine bringing a date home and introducing him to your ex-husband who is sitting in the living room watching TV in his favorite chair smoking a pipe and doing the crossword….

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  4. watruw8ing4 watruw8ing4 says

    My neighbors did that for 3 years. He was laid off and she didn’t make very much. They had a huge house they couldn’t sell for ages (because they had it listed for way too much). Got very intense toward the end. Had to keep my windows shut to drown out the daily skirmishes.

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