Any advice on how to reinvent myself at age 59?

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  1. gailshrader gailshrader says

    I am 54 and am trying  to reinvent myself.   I was laid off in April due to the economy and have not been able to find another job.

    So I am trying my hand at selling Avon.  Having my own business means I can’t be laid off.  It takes time and effort to build up a business but in the end it will be worth it.

    If you would like to try, you can sign up at my web store.  It only cost $20.00 and you’ll be your own boss.  this is my web store address.  http://youravon.com/gshrader

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  2. Cara - VN Editor Cara - VN Editor says

    Hi Anne. Vibrant Nation members are definitely reinventing themselves and are generous about sharing their stories and advice with the community. Some conversations that may interest you:

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  3. Roni Kantor Roni Kantor says

    Anne…I worked for a Telecom Company for 32 years only to loose my entire life savings to a stock scam…4 months later was diagnosed with Stage III Uterin Cancer.  I am 7 years in remission and decided that if I am going to do anything it is going to be something I love…which is to have freedom to be with family and to travel.  Check out my website….I would love to share what I have found with you…  http://www.goldengirlstravelclub.com  Roni

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