Adult children who constantly depend on parents…

Hi, I have a 39 yr old daughter who is a single parent. She has been out of work for 14 mos. She is now realizing her benefits are running out, so she is panicking. Her sister and I have bailed her out over & over and I am still paying off debt that is HERS. My husband wants to retire soon, we just can’t be plan B for her all the time. I am wondering if I need to back off and let her take over Her problems. Maybe I’ve done to much?? I do care but sometimes feel very used. Unsure Mom in RI

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  1. Generic Image Tuser says

    I think the first mistake you made was allowing her to move into your house.  She is a big girl with a child.  If she is old enough to have a child she should be old enough to take care of the child without your help.  Too many parents do way too much for their children and actually end up doing them a diservice.  How are these pampered children supposed to get any responsibility in this world if parents keep picking up the peices and helping.  You and your husband have your own debt and plans so why should your children stop you?  I would get her to get her own place and find a job.  There are jobs out there.  Now there is going to be the problem of who is going to look after her child while she is working and again that is not your concern.  Maybe if these kids actually had to suffer through things instead of getting everything handed to them on a silver platter, they may just realize how much heartache they are putting on their parents.

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  2. candyalex candyalex says

    Yep … It is extremely had but when we have to “make it” we do.. sounds like you need to take care of  you..

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