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I “resigned in lieu of termination” in December after 15 years with the same company.  I tried a new department thinking I needed a change, which I did, however the new job had dysfunctional training but that was MY fault, of course, so they were going to fire me for being “inept”……which I am NOT!  Training was as dysfunctional as the staff!   I have NEVER been unemployed!!  Even after c-section with my son went back to work as early as possible.  How long is too long to be unemployed?  Too late to CHANGE careers completely?

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  1. GingerTX GingerTX says

    I’m sincerely sorry that you are going through this. Gone are the days when 15 years with the same company meant a loyalty that ran both ways. Now that I’ve said that, time for the tough love. 

    Lose the attitude. And quit blaming.

    Each one of us is walking around with a truth: “I have NEVER been __________” (fill in the blank). “I have never been broke.” But we lost our home in 2007 when my husband’s business failed after 10 years of success. “I have never been sick,” said a dear 46-year-old friend who had a stroke earlier this year. “I have never been alone,” said another friend whose husband died suddenly while napping in his recliner during a Sunday afternoon football game.

    It’s never too late to change careers. I did it, although I don’t get as much credit because it was sort of accidental. But still, I did it. Pick yourself up and make a bee-line for a mirror. A full length one. Take a good, long look. Does your hairstyle or color need an update? Are you needing a fresh wardrobe fix? Do your skills need to be updated? If so, do it. Now.

    Yeah, I hear you. It’s not fair. But I believe that if you change your attitude, you’ll get the job that will take you through the next chapter of your life. Remember, the past does not equal the future. Soon, you’ll be looking back on that person who offered you the option to “resign in lieu of termination” as your hero. I wish you much luck.

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  2. GingerTX GingerTX says

    AND, I just read your profile. You’ve got this!! Your next job or career is right around the corner.

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    • foxyb foxyb says

      Thank you, Ginger!
      Yes, I changed my hairstyle, eating better, trying to lose weight, took a couple on-line classes so I’m ready when I get the “call”!  I’ve been catching up on my knitting, considering adopting a small rescue dog to keep me off my butt and little by little home updates!
      All things happen for a reason and as you said, this may be my chance to DO what I want to do for a change rather than because it was MY responsibility.
      Thanks again!

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  3. Generic Image Kathy Freund says

    You can do it!  I went back to school at 54 for a new degree.   I felt very invigorated and in charge of my life again.   Although the job I have now is not ideal, I am still looking and am very happy with my career change.   The downside is that I do have school loans to deal with again, but perhaps you would not have to do that.   Just go for it!   You are NOT that old!!!

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  4. Marcie Marcie says

    It is never too late to change your career and change your life! Maybe you didn’t choose this change, but the universe did! Embrace it and open yourself to wonderful things waiting for you! I will be 54 next week and I am following my dream, starting a tour company to take small groups of women to Ireland (Celtic Heart Tours). This is the most exciting time in your life! Good luck.

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    • foxyb foxyb says

      Thank you so much for your comments!
      Yes, I agree whatever “force” was telling me I needed the change……..better or more satisfying life ahead!

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  5. Generic Image gerogiebrown7 says

    Foxyb, don’t let another day of depression go by.  Get out there, find something that would satisfy you and make you happy and find a job doing just that.  You can be depressed for 12 more years or just one more hour.  Do the hour and get about the business of living! Good luck.

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  6. foxyb foxyb says

    Yes, you are correct!  Signed up for a SPRING Zumba class and I will sit on my butt whining NO longer!!!
    thank you so much for your comments!

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  7. Generic Image Anonymous says

    Good for you for signing up for a Zumba class.  You are going to have a great time!!
    The best of luck to you!!!

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