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Women over 50 report: It’s easier to lose weight after breast reduction surgery

If you've decided it's finally time to get that breast reduction surgery, it might come with an unexpected benefit... Weight loss!

Members of Vibrant Nation who've had breast reduction surgery or breast reduction and lift say they're more athletic, have an easier time exercising, and just feel better about themselves than ever. That spark has led to weight loss for many.

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Here's what they've said:

  • "You may find you lose a size or two in those jeans... Easy peasy lemon squeezy, now that the boobs are history. ...It became easier to get a few more pounds off after the surgery recovery. It improved my athleticism."
  • "In 2 weeks I am heading for reduction. I am 50 and tired of achy upper back. I carry 38 FFF. I stopped cycling and horseback riding. I also gave up on jogging. ...I'm really looking forward to reduction surgery. Exciting about [it being] easy to find new clothes, back to cycling, riding and will take up jogging again. I wear jeans 14/16 and tops 22/24- seriously out of proportion. Bye bye boobies!"
  • "I've had no neck or shoulder pain since the surgery. I'm a 36C, enjoy exercising again and have lost 18 pounds."
  • "4 pounds of breasts were removed. I also lost another 5 pounds already by walking every morning. Wow I feel I lost them so easily. It may be contributed to feeling joyful and happiness, your weight just melts away."
  • "It is so much easier to lose weight...it improves your athleticism. I was a 16 right after surgery, which was great, after having to wear a 3x. Now I am in a 12. I am wearing my favorite blouses from Anthropologie. I still have an old lady tummy, but, certain things you can work on. Walk on walk on."

But don't get overzealous and try to lose extra weight before your breast reduction surgery unless you talk it over with your doctor. One member warns:

"My doctor requires you to maintain your weight (no matter what it is) for 6 months before he'll do the surgery. He doesn't care if you weigh 190 pounds or 120 pounds but you have to be at a stable weight for 6 months to prevent stretch marks and to help maintain the size you wanted to be."

To learn more about breast reduction surgery, including breast reduction cost and breast reduction recovery times, download our FREE white paper, 5 keys to successful breast reduction surgery after 50.


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