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1. A. Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion

From emds in Dry, oh my!
“Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion is fantastic for all over. You will feel it helping immediately.”

1. B. Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

From dlmott in Does anyone have a good lotion or oil for dry skin?
“I am a hysterectomy gal and my skin turned dry practically overnight. I love Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion!”

2. A.Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

From klpen2000 in Can anyone recommend a great daily moisturizer?
“I like Cetaphil lotion and cleanser. It was dermatologist recommended. Have tried expensive brands and I’ve learned that keeping it simple and inexpensive works best for me.”

2. B. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
From kim(berly) in Can anyone recommend a great daily moisturizer?
“Cetaphil works great and is sold at most stores and pharmacies. The cream works much better than the lotion for me.”

3. A. Curel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion

From tenderlee in Can anyone recommend a great daily moisturizer?
“Curel has been my favorite for approx 15 years. Affordable, easy to find too. Leaves skin soft until next bath or hand washing, and never sticky or oily. Love it for my legs which tend to be dry in winter. It lasts from one shower to the next.”

3. B.Curel Life’s Stages Lotion (Menopause & Beyond)

From EleanorSM in Can anyone recommend a great daily moisturizer?
“I’ve never fallen for the very expensive moisturizers so many companies advertise will “dramatically” change your appearance. People I meet usually think I am 10+ years younger than I am. I am presently using Curel Life’s Stages (menopause and beyond) that I buy off the shelf at a local supermarket. I like the feel of it, and it seems to soak in.”

4. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion

From Bekah in Dry, oh my!
“I have diabetes and my skin zaps quicker than the Sahara. I have found Gold Bond Ultimate (for all over) is the only lotion that makes my skin feel worth touching.”

5. Jergens Lotion

From Laura Stewart in Dry, oh my!
I use a triple threat – in the shower I use Softsoap ultra rich shea butter creame body wash, when I get out I use a light body oil, once I’m dry I use Jergens moisterizing lotion. Sounds like alot, but it works – I also brush my skin nightly to get rid of dry skin. Your skin will glow!”

6. Lubriderm Daily UV Moisturizing Lotion with SPF15

From lisawod in Can anyone recommend a great daily moisturizer?
“I have used Lubriderm Daily Moisture with SPF15 every day and every where! Keeps me going in the Arizona sun!”

7. A. Nivea Age Defying Moisturizer for Body

From Laura Rose in Can anyone recommend a great daily moisturizer?
“The best I ever tried is Nivea Age Defying Moisturizer! I tried so many moisturizers and wasn’t happy until this one…it works WONDERS! Soaks right in…not feeling greasy and even takes away the ‘scaley’ look on my arms. leaving them immediately smooth and younger looking. Its amazing! I tried other Nivea creams but they aren’t like this one. It’s in a blue plastic bottle with white lettering. It says Nivea Body on the bottle.”

7. B. Nivea Creme

From Herta in I’m 64 with dry skin.
“Nivea — the one in the blue tin. I’ve been using it twice a day for many years (I’m 68 now) and get comments on my skin all the time. Your skin needs water and fat and that’s what you’ll find in the blue tin.”

8. Olay Body Quench Body Lotion for Extra Dry Skin

From gmadonna in Dry, oh my!
“Olay body Quench body lotion — purple bottle — for extra dry skin. Smells good & isn’t sticky.”

9. Origins Precipitation Extra

From Kelly J. D. in Does anyone have a good lotion or oil for dry skin?
“Try Origins Precipitation Extra. It is for very dry skin, but is not greasy or heavy. It has a slight citrus smell that in no way overwhelms the senses. I use it everyday after showering and am pleased with the results.”

10. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

From laurenc in Dry, oh my!
“I have used Palmer’s brand cocoa butter for years now, ever since my dermatologist recommended it as the best and most effective moisturizer.”

11. Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Firming Body Emulsion

From dbeth52 in Can anyone recommend a great daily moisturizer?
“I love Amazing Grace firming body lotion.”


12. Almond oil

From fayetteSIPP in Does anyone have a good lotion or oil for dry skin?
I use natural almond oil, bathe with peppermint soap and black soap.

13. Coconut oil

From lizalunavita in Dry, oh my!
For all over body including my face, coconut oil is a luscious moisturizer. My husband and I even use it in the bedroom, for some erotic frolic and fun. It smells good yet has a light pleasing taste…smile, smile (that’s 2 smiles, one from each of us).

14. Mineral oil

From susanpariseau in I’m 64 with dry skin.
I swear by a capful of mineral oil in a warm bath. I have done this not only as a means of relaxation but when I get out of the tub my skin is soft, smooth and supple. It has a glow that looks very healthy. It also helps with dry elbows, knees and feet.

15. Neutrogena Body Oil

From Gift Basket Creator in Dry, oh my!
“I use and have been using Neutrogena Body Oil for years . Just apply it to damp skin after your shower. Dry skin runs in my family and it’s one of the best items I’ve ever found. I use the light sesame formula, but unscented is also available.”

16. Olive oil

From dddanse in Can anyone recommend a great daily moisturizer?
After taking a hot shower or washing my face, I gently tip a small bottle which I have put some olive oil in against my fingers and then lightly massage it into my face and neck. I let it sit 5 minutes or so and then any that has not been absorbed I just lightly press a tissue against the area. First, however, I make sure that any excess is massaged down into the neck and upper chest area. People have been coming up and asking me what I am using as my skin looks so radiant.

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26 Responses

  1. Generic Image moongoddess says

    JP Jerome Privee SPA.  It’s enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Collagen.  I add my favorite fragrant Tea Rose.  It’s applied every evening after my shower or bath. 

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  2. Generic Image Nana says

    Aloe Vera  Deep Moisturizing Cream.  It’s lovely.  Nighttime care. 

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  3. adniL adniL says

    I swear by using Bio-Oil You can wear it alone or under a sunscreen moisturizer. I use it on my body or warmed for cuticles. A little goes a long way. It has no greasy feel,it is soft and uplifting under the chin.

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    • Generic Image joan27 says

      I just read an article that all the stuff that says Bio before it uses stem cells of fetuses in its testing. I don’t know if it is a scientific study but if I were to use the product I would be sure to look it up first. Just sharing what I heard

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      • Sharcee Sharcee says

        It’s stem cells from plants

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      • Planegrama Planegrama says

        Absolutly not. It refers to using something that grows like natural plants as aposed to a synthetic, as in Biological…..

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  4. KareAnderson KareAnderson says

    I agree: Olive oil, cocoa butter, and for really chapped lips or hands – bees wax

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  5. Fran S. Fran S. says

    If you want soft skin, you can achieve that easily by many different products.  But I know about something better.  The other day, a friend in the medical field turned me onto COCONUT OIL.  It absolutely makes your skin soft, and it penetrates into your body and becomes good for you on the inside, too.  Also, it is highly recommened that you take a spoonful a day as it has the quality of helping the body lose fat.  I slather it on everyday and I drop a spoonful into my smoothie.  I can use all the help I can get to be as healthy as I can!  Don’t take my word for it.  Research it and see for yourself.  Just type “coconut oil benefits” into google and see what comes up. 

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    • Generic Image nred says

      Do you buy this at a health food store?  Can you tell me if collagen is good for the skin ?  I have horrible dry skin and every thing I use just seems to glide over the surface.  I am 74, and was told that collagen would help my skin problem. late2bloom@yahoo.ca

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  6. Spirit seeker Spirit seeker says

    If you really want to do yourself a favor, moisturize inside & out!  By adding the right oils to your diet you can help both dry hair & skin too, not to mention your joints.  Use olive oil in your cooking, flax seed oils on salads, mixed into anything you’d add mayo into (tuna, etc.), supplements with Omega 3′s or Evening Primrose or Borage oils are all good things. 

    As a professional massage therapist for the past 20 years, I became aware sometime ago that many oils & lotions have ingredients none of us should be using and shifted away from anything with mineral oils or parabens (a chemical preservative that have an estrogenic mimicing effect on the body) this promotes cancers and therefore should be avoided!

    From breastcancerfund.org:


    Parabens are a group of compounds widely used as anti-microbial preservatives in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products, including underarm deodorants. Parabens are absorbed through intact skin and from the gastrointestinal tract and blood. Measurable concentrations of six different parabens have been identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors. The particular parabens were found in relative concentrations that closely parallel their use in the synthesis of cosmetic products. Parabens have also been found in almost all urine samples examined from a demographically diverse sample of U.S. adults.


    As to my personal favorite product lines, I love anything from Mychelle, Dermacare & Sacred Earth Botanicals, as well as EON (a local company here in southeastern PA) aka Eye of Newt Organics, their Salt Scrub is to die for!  Other than that a great quality Shea Butter can’t be beat for winter dryness! 

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    • Generic Image seashoresoap says

      I totally agree with using olive oil as a skin conditioner.  It is a humectant, so it definitely draws moisture as well.  Sqalane is fabulous for the skin as well.  It smooths out fine lines for one thing, and absorbs quickly.  Carrot tissue oil is great for under the eyes, helps with puffiness and is great for a conditioner for under eye skin.  I make my own line of skin care products and have done lots of research on the subject. 

      A cheap way to keep your skin looking and feeling young is to drop a capful of extra virgin olive oil to your bath water, and just soak for awhile in the tub.  When you get out of the tub, pat dry.  You won’t feel all greasy.  Your skin will feel so moisturized and soft.  You will love the feel. 

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      • 2ShapeU 2ShapeU says

        Check out UNDEROLOGY, it has been out for about 4 years and just started being sold on QVC.  The website is http://www.underology.com for the full line.  I mention this because it has really good ingredients and squalane if one of the main ingredients in the HYDROXtreme Cream.  There is another product that is just Squalane called Xtreme Moisture.  The reviews on QVC are great.  I personally love it.  Everything you are saying about squalane is so true.

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    • Generic Image seashoresoap says

      As an ad-on to this, I would highly recommend to READ the labels of anything you buy, look each ingredient up on the net to see what each ingredient contains if you don’t know, and then ask yourself if you want your body absorbing this into your blood stream day after day, month after month.  That should help you make a decision about whether a product is good to use long term or not.  There are a number of wonderful healthy ingredients a person could use to keep their skin the best it can be without all the harsh chemicals and detergents found in so many commercial products these days. 


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    • Generic Image Shelby Jean Etheredge says

      A friend just shared some info with me and I thought I’d share too.  She said this is her daughter-in-law’s remarks

      Keratosis Pilaris” which has no found cure. It is actually very common. It resembles goosebumps or red bumps that form over hair follicles on the skin. Some people mistake this for acne. I wanted to describe it a bit, because so many people have it and don’t realize that there is a product that can help reduce the appearance of keratosis pilaris on their skin.

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  7. thewriterslife thewriterslife says

    I swear by Victoria Secrets body lotion – any kind.  I wash my face with it and have been doing so for many years.

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  8. julie julie says

    Ahava’s Mineral Body Lotion is the best that I’ve found for a daily all body moisturizer.  Expensive, but WORTH it!  I found it on Amazon.com for about $8 less than retail. 

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  9. Sharcee Sharcee says

    I have found a great product for my dry skin that smells wonderful and isn’t offensive.  It’s Loccitane Supple Body Oil and the cream.  It has a slight almond scent and there is also an oil wash in this scent.  It makes your skin feel so soft and supple and the oil goes right in.  I also use anything Philosophy for the skin.  The almond supple body oil is mostly always sold out.  You have to be fast or it’s gone.

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  10. Generic Image Dee100 says

    Living in Colorado – I learned the hard way. I was using Keihls for years when I started developing a rash. I was told I had rosacea – I mean what does that mean?? You have red skin and we don’t know why basically. For two years I tried numerous products – finally landing iwth Vanicream – no dyes, no fragrances no Lanolin , parabins or famaldehyde. But my skin kept hurting (only on my face) painful! and Frustrating. Then I remembered back in the 50s the ladies coating on the ponds cold cream – I determined that my skin was over dry. So now a few times a day I really coat it on. I’ve also turned to the inside stuff like some of you meniton – Coconut water – to drink – not bad and a supplement of electrolites. I’ve heard pickle juice is where gadorade originated but I haven’t gone there yet! : )bttw – vanicream is inexpensive $7 for 8 oz you can order through pharmacy or on line – no prescription needed.

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    • Dee52 Dee52 says

      Thanks for the info.  I too live in Colorado and the changing weather is heck on my skin.  I am allergic to lanolin.  I have been on the Shea butter kick and its great for my hands.  But I will look for the vanicream at Walgreens.  Thanks!!

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  11. TexasRedC TexasRedC says

    Pick something WITHOUT mineral oil. Despite it’s “slick” feeling, it actually dries your skin more than before use. “Baby Oil” is nothing but mineral oil and fragrance. Also look in your pantry for natural oils such as Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil. Lite Olive Oil has less of a scent and moisturizes well.

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    • feebee feebee says

      I din’t realize that “baby oil” would dry your skin out. I just started using it on my skin. I think I have tried every product on the market and even some prescription ones as well. I feel that my skin feels better and is softer. Thank you for this information…..as right now my skin is dry again.  I will now try something else. I have been thinking about olive oil….yet maybe the coocnut or almond oil should be the way I go. Again thank you for the information….I have found a lot of great information on this site.

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  12. pond pond says

    Johnsons baby lotion . You remember the pink stuff. Well it is the best body lotion all over. Your face will love it

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  13. Generic Image sharonj2843 says

    I use the Enfuselle Skin Care line from Shaklee.  It has all natural ingredients.  No parabens and is PH balanced.  I often have people ask me if I have had something “done” to my eyes etc.  My skin is silky soft and since I started using it my fine wrinkles have all but disappeared. 


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  14. gingervista gingervista says

    I feel like I’ve been a guinea pig for the hand-lotion industry for the past 30 years, & I have NEVER, EVER found a product that I would recommend. Still have dry hands/dry skin, so am still looking.

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