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Vibrant women have learned through experience about the best bras to support large breasts. Here are some of the best recommendations collected through many discussions on VibrantNation.com:

1. Maidenform Total Solutions
From terryrose in boobs
“I am a 38 C or D… depends on the bra. And yes, 36B before the babies and age. I recently found the best bra for support and comfort — it is Maidenform Total Solution — lifts, supports, looks great and NATURAL (under t-shirts) at the same time! And it is comfortable!”

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2. Sassybax
From Sarah Joiner Eubanks in boobs
“I have found Sassybax to be the most comfortable one I’ve ever had in my life. They make them with and without underwires and they make longline bras and strapless bras. I’ve even got my 90-year-old mother-in-law wearing them. (And her golden bozos are way below her waist!!!) She would swear by Sassybax if she swore (she’s a good Baptist!) and wouldn’t wear anything else. They are kind of expensive, but definitely worth it.”

3. Wacoal
From upnorthigo in boobs
“I’m a 38FF or H depending on the brand…Nordstroms is the place. They carry the larger sizes and they carry pretty ones, not the ones that Helga the Goat Herder would wear! I simply love Chantelle (French line). Wacoal is great also. And the ladies at Nordstrom’s know how to fit bras. If you aren’t close to one, you can get detailed bra fitting instructions online which will give you instructions on how to measure to determine your proper size.”

4. Bra-llelujah by Spanx
From Peg in Finding a comfortable bra
“Have you tried the Bra-llelujah bra by Spanx? I tried one on in the store and couldn’t believe it! It was like wearing nothing — and yet I had support. If it’s within your budget, you’ll love it.”

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5. Chantelle
From Tomima Edmark in best bra brands to flatter your body type
“People think the terms ‘full-figured’ and ‘plus size’ are interchangeable, but they’re not. A full-figured woman is someone who is a DD cup or larger, yet is average in the rest of her body. So, a full-figured woman over 50 but who is not above a 38 band size (which would put her in about a 10/12 dress) will do very well in a brand called Lunaire or Chantelle or Panache. Elomi is a great new brand (a division of the Goddess Companie and Fantasie) that does a really nice full full-figure bra as well.”

6. Goddess
From Tomima Edmark in best bra brands to flatter your body type
“A plus-size woman is a DD cup or large and also over a size 10 or 12. She is going to do very well in Goddess and Fantasie. Freya is a more youthful line, but they have some really cute things if you want to experiment fashion wise.”

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12 Responses

  1. Generic Image Ladyjp says

    I thought plus size was a woman’s size 14 and above. Does bra sizing differ? I am a misses size 14 but womens(plus size 14 is too large. Does anyone know if womens plus size 12 is sold anywhere?

    thanks in advance

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  2. bunnie bunnie says

    Wacoal,of course . Also I would like to say both my bbf and I are34DD and have tiny bottoms.

    You don’t have to be a PLUS to need the proper bra.

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  3. Generic Image car54 says

    Where I shop plus sizes start at size 16 and average size for a woman is 14. I’m a 14-16 size in pants. For most clothes I shop at JC Penney, haven’t shopped for bras there yet & get a true size fitting by the pros. I can’t afford high priced clothes, I buy bras at K-Mart of Meijers that’s if I can find a 36 DD. Where I live they’re mostly small sizes in all brands & for playtex they’re too big and lots of big big sizes. Guess I’ll have to hit the sales at JC Penney & charge it.

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  4. jezzarae jezzarae says

    It would be so nice to be able to find a pretty bra in real plus sizes. Or maybe that should extra plus. I am a 46 HH or larger depending on the maker. I can never find a bra that will actually fit me properly hold all of my huge breasts in with out spilling out the cleavage and one that doesn’t roll up my back.
    I know I am not alone in this as I have many large friends who are in the same predicament.

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  5. Generic Image Alina Diaz says

    Soma is also good, but they are expensive. The professionals there fit you right and the bras are beautiful, but again, not cheap.  I don’t know where there are stores, there are a couple in Miami. 

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  6. Generic Image Sevres Blue says

    Chantelle, the 38, just being the measurement of the rib area, can be for many different sizes – I know 38′s who are size 18, 16 and 14.  I learned, working at a high end women’s clothing business, that women’s bodies can be configured in a myriad of ways.  I also recumbent the Wacoal brand.  Strong, feels like you have no bra on, and lasts!

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    • Generic Image amanda says

      Chantelle is the hands down best-fitting bra for me, but they are expensive. I am a 38H, a heavy busted, short-waisted 38H, and am typically a size 16, definitely not a 10/12. When I was a size 10 I wore Victoria’s Secret 34DD. You cannot make generalizations like a 38″ band is a size X. You have to actually take the measurements and try the bras on.

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  7. Generic Image reneewo says

    The reply from upnorthigo was correct.  Nordstrom is the best place to be fitted for the bra that works for you.  Some women carry their breast tissue higher and Chantelle is excellent for that situation.  Wacoal works better where that is not the case.  The certified fitters at Nordstrom will help you find the best fit with the most comfort.  And with their excellent return policy, you won’t be stuck with something that doesn’t work for you.  We all have a drawer full of bras that seemed a good idea at the time of purchase.

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  8. Generic Image Tessera says

    I’m a 38DD and I like the Vanity Fair 75335 tee shirt foam cup underwire bra. It’s very smooth under clothing and as comfortable as an underwire can get. On sale right now for $19.99 at Bare Necessities. (I’m not affiliated with them, just a customer.)

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  9. fischerpat fischerpat says

    Do any of these bras have a natural cup?  I don’t like the foam filled wonders.

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  10. Generic Image Heather J says

    I can’t emphasis enough the importance of a REALLY good bra for larger busted women.  After years of thinking I was wearing great bras (because they were push ups, and at least hauled the girls off my chest) I developed dips on the tops of my shoulders, along with a dull ache down the top of my left arm.  I also have neck pain. My chiropractor told me my straps were too thin and digging into my shoulders, and causing nerve damage. He advised me to go get a proper bra, from somewhere that could fit me properly.  And he suggested a sports bra with cross over straps to sit higher on my shoulders. I located a bra boutique that does medical bras as well — so I knew they would know what they were doing.  They told me I’d been jamming myself into a 38D when I was really a 38F (??!?), showed me how to pull the breast tissue forward into the cup to avoid side spill, position the bras over the top of my rib cage, and also recommended silicone pads ( $9-10 ) to put under the straps of any current bras I wasn’t ready to throw out. Good bras aren’t cheap, and don’t have to look industrial.  I bought 2 for now with plans to replace others as I can afford to.   I now have a beige Chantelle 3-clasp bra, and a black Triumph Shape Sensation which support me all around — not just on my shoulders. Haven’t gotten the crossover sports bra yet – but that’s next. I was also told to hand wash them once a week and air dry to get the longest life out of them.

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