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The Glam Gals Apply eyeliner appropriately.
From The Glam Gals in 9 makeup tips to look fabulous after 50
“Best way to apply it is as close to the eyelash as possible, dotting between lashes and then smoothing out the line, or even better just under your upper lashes. Your eyes will appear much bigger.”

JerseyGirl726 Give up the black eyeliner.
From JerseyGirl726 in What makeup item could you not live without?
“Almay’s Midnight Blue eyeliner. I use it to line the INSIDE of my BOTTOM LID ONLY. It punches up my blue eyes. (Unfortunately I had to stop using Bobbie Brown’s India Ink to line my upper lids. My lids are sagging–I really should do something about it–but in the meantime, the black eyeliner just looked silly, and seemed to make my eyelids recede even further.)”


Karin GloMinerals precision brow pencil
From Karin in Beautiful eyebrows?
“I do have a good way to deal with pale blonde thinning eyebrows.  I use a GloMinerals precision brow pencil in blonde color. One end is a soft pencil and you apply it in SHORT, small strokes….not a long continuous line.  Then, you blend it together by lightly using the other end of the pencil, which is a soft coiled brush. It is very natural looking and the short stroke marks, coupled with brushing, does the trick even if (like me) you’re short on makeup finesse.”

energizersnobabe Be careful with “permanent” solutions.
From energizersnobabe in Beautiful eyebrows?
“I can tell you what not to do…resist eyebrow tattooing! As you age, your skin will sag, and your tattooed eyebrows will go every which way! …If you really want to do something more permanent, find a permanent makeup artist with lots of brow experience (look at her pictures!). My hairstylist says that her eyebrow “tats” don’t last as long (permanent isn’t permanent, after all!), and she can go much lighter so the effect isn’t dramatic and obvious. Then if your face changes, you’re not stuck with squiggly brows.”

Rita@Goldivas Vary eyebrow colors for a natural look.
From Rita@Goldivas in Beautiful eyebrows?
“You can use Maybelline light brown eyebrow pencil, also use a regular lead pencil to make a few strokes, the color variation will look more natural. I’ve never tried stencils, it seems to me they might be a lot of hassle.”

Carol Orsborn - VN Strategist Revlon Brow Fantasy Gel 2 dark blonde
From Carol Orsborn – VN Strategist in What makeup item could you not live without?
“Mine is Revlon Brow Fantasy Gel 2 dark blonde. This stuff is magic! It fills in the strange gaps and stray greys that
have hijacked my brows, and is just about the only body part I can turn the clock back on a decade or more without plastic surgery. It gives the appearance of tiny brush strokes, without trying–and the gel keeps everything in place so that I can go through a rainstorm intact.”

energizersnobabe Maybelline black eyeliner pencil
From energizersnobabe in Beautiful eyebrows?
“I have a thinning brow problem too, and so my simple, inexpensive, “age-old” technique is a 99-cent Maybelline black eyeliner pencil! With it , I can lightly fill in shallow areas, lengthen both ends, and heighten the arches above the pupils. It lasts all day, it resists smudging, and when I want to go a bit more dramatic, a la Elizabeth Taylor in ‘Cleopatra,’ I can!”


Cool and Groovy Makeup Girl Be sure your mascara doesn’t emphasize your wrinkles.
From Cool and Groovy Makeup Girl in Mascara over 50
“As we gals age, gravity makes lines on our faces. Those lines have a color. If the color of the lines and the mascara are the same, the mascara will emphasize the lines. To avoid this phenomenon, lighten your color of mascara. If you used to use black, and you are fair with light hair, switch to brown. You will still get the effect of defined eyelashes because of the contrast between your skin and the brown. But the color will not be the same as the lines.”

Cool and Groovy Makeup Girl Let your hair be your guide.
From Cool and Groovy Makeup Girl in Mascara over 50
“I like black mascara for the evening. It is the best color for clubbing. You know, in the dark. There, it is just a matter of contrasts. There is no color transmission when the light is low. But in the day or in brightly lit situations your eyes can detect subtleties in color and tone. So girls take note of the deepest shade in your natural hair color or the flecks in your iris. These colors will give you clues as to which shades are best for not just your mascara but also lipstick colors, and blushes.”

Eye Creams:

cjvon Arbonne eye cream
From cjvon in Best eye cream
“I am an Arbonne customer and have to agree, their eye cream is excellent. It resolved my issues with puffiness and dark circles, my undereye area improved dramatically in just a short time. Plus during the day I combine it with a little lift serum and the lines around my eyes almost disappear. Try it!”

beee M. Asam products
From beee in Best eye cream
“I have been using from HSN [Home Shopping Network] M. Asam products and my skin looks fab and have used the regular skin cream around the eyes… Everyone commented within a week and I saw a former coworker yesterday who said I LOOKED RESTED”

Sherrie Mathieson Let your skin–not the product’s price–be your guide.
From Sherrie Mathieson in Best eye cream
“The “best”depends on your skin. I’ve tried the most expensive department store lines (La Mer, etc.), the ones from Origins (including Dr. Weill’s) that I have felt were good, the ones from Khiehl’s that are similar, and after all is said and done (because I’m not sure any really work except to soothe the skin)–I save money and feel well with Nivea and Neutrogena products.”

Eye shadow:

The Glam Gals Skip the sparkle.
From The Glam Gals in 9 makeup tips to look fabulous after 50
“Too much sparkle accentuates creepy eyelids. Also, avoid too much bright color on your eyes. Neutral colored eye shadows–beiges, browns, creams, grays, taupes–will show off your eyes instead of your eyelids.”

Melinda Giordano Eyeshadow in the evening only.
From Melinda Giordano in A guide to fashion, beauty, and style after 50
“Liquid eyeliner, certainly. Using a pencil is risky, as the color will smear and fade, besides having a coy tendancy to be sidetracked by wrinkles. Pair it with eyeshadow for the evening only. No need to overwhelm your acquaintances-by-day with your fabulousness.”

What’s your secret for drop-dead gorgeous eyes? Share it in the discussion below.

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32 Responses

  1. Generic Image Via La Difference says

    Glominerals camouflage is a wonderful concealer for aging eyes.  It is very creamy with great coverage.  We all know how drying some concealers can be.

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  2. Generic Image Jenn says

    I use a black industrial Sharpie (with the red lettering, NOT the regular not-really-permanent one) on white eyebrow hairs.  It can be removed with rubbing alcohol, and doesn’t run or fade.  I don’t choose to have vaginal hair, but it would work on those as well.  I wouldn’t use it on eyelashes – too close to eyes.

    Physician’s Formula has a felt-tip eyeliner that’s a lifesaver – goes on soft, doesn’t melt or sweat off in the gym.

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    • Generic Image Cherokeelady says

      Hey sister, Most women do not have hair in their vagina’s, but who am I to judge? I think you meant perineal hair, maybe!?!?!?   LOL But thanks for the tip I am going to try it.

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  3. Trixie Trixie says

    For my ‘no-makeup makeup look’ – Mary Kay Highlighting Pen brightens the dark corners & lids.  Natural color eyeliner, and Black-Brown mascara (also curl the eyelashes.)  Too many women use black eyeliner and mascara, and it’s too harsh.

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  4. gwhatley gwhatley says

    I have lost a lot of my eyelashes for some reason.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I think it is due to NO hormones!  I ‘ve had several DVT’s and  cannot take hormones.

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    • Generic Image auntbkaraoke says

      I would love to try these products, but have vision in one eye and a little hesitant to try these eyelash products. Also tweezec my eyebrows at seventeen, never grew back, might try the Revitalash.

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    • Generic Image janicelynn says

      Have you lost hair anywhere else? My Mom lost all her hair from the neck down. None from the face or head due to malnutrition.

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      • Generic Image Lulu says

        Less hair everywhere.  I no longer need to shave under my arms.  My leg hair is slower growing and less.  And my pubic hair is very thin.  I miss the lushness of the pubes.  Oh well.

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    • Darlene Halton Darlene Halton says

      OH Me Too!!  I have lost em, dunno why, but also have the DVT’s from a Stroke I had when
      I was 40!!  Lemme know if you find out anything!!??

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  5. Generic Image adreams says

    I started using Revitalash after losing all eyelashes during chemo.  I am still using it 8 years later – it works!  My lashes are darker and thicker than they’ve ever been.  I don’t need to use mascara- yay!  Spendy product but worth every penny.  One tube lasts 6 months or more.  Check out their website.

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    • Generic Image bogieiris says

      thanks, I ordered it today

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    • lhouston lhouston says

      Is Revitalash differnet than Latisste? I     am not familiar with Revitalash.

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      • Generic Image Annie51 says

        Latisste is only available from your Dr. and is FDA approved Revitalash is over the counter and not FDA approved. I got my RX from my optomitrist but I would think you could get it from your family dr. I have been using latisste for 5 months now. My lashes were so sparse and blond it wasnt even worth wearing mascara. Now I have darker lashes and can go w/out mascara or have really dramatic lashes w/mascara.Very $$ for the first 4 months when you use every day but after that you use everyother day. For me the end result out weighed the cost. Now have to figure out what to do with my no eyebrow eyebrows. 

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      • Generic Image Laura27 says

        I use Latisse for my eyelashes and love it – it totally works.  And I use the Revitalash on my eyebrows and after I have applied the Latisse on my eyelids, I use the brush (which still has some Latisse on it) to spread the Revitalash over the entire eyebrow.  My eyebrows are now fuller and darker.

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      • Generic Image Carol K says

        Latisse costs $120 and most plastic surgeons carry it and requires no prescription.  They come with 60 applicators and tell you to use one for each eye each night.  I use one applicator for both eyes and it will last at least 2 months.  Can even use a Qtip if you run out.  You can buy Revitalash at most hair salons for $150.  I have not tried it yet but if it works probably be less expensive and easier to apply then latisse.  Latisse really does work. 

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      • Generic Image jackielee says

        YOu can buy Revitalash at CVS for $49. I cannot believe how long my lashes are now! I started by using it every night but now I only use it every other night , if even that and my lashes and eyebrows look great!

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      • Generic Image Evange says

        How do you apply it to the eyebrows?

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    • Generic Image saga says

      I plucked my eyebrows when I was 11 yrs old and have basically had none since then.  Master with the pencil however I have longed for th day when that would not be necessary.  Started using Revitalash on my eyebrows about 1 month ago.  For the first time in 47 yrs I have eyebrows.  They are not perfect, but getting there.

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      • pennylane100 pennylane100 says

        This sounds like the answer to my prayers.   I have a very uneven brow line on my left side and then made the mistake of trying permanent brows.   That was a disastger, she did it in the wrong color.  

        I will definetely give this  a try, how long should I wait until I start knowing if it is working or not.

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    • Generic Image sherryjo says

      where can I find it?

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    • Generic Image Jen53 says

      I’ve heard that stuff can change your eye color permanently – yikes!!  My eyes are green and I want them to stay green but sure would love to have fuller looking eyelashes.  Has anyone heard of this happening?

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      • Generic Image Carol K says

        They put that warning on the box but have never heard of it happening.  I just got my second supply and it really does work. 

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    • Generic Image bontucci says

      What is the difference between this product and the one Brooke Shields announces on tv?

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  6. Generic Image Nadine says

    I use the Herbalife eye cream and eye gel to take years off my eyes where the creases and crows’feet were…EDITED BY MODERATOR and then for mayke-up around my eyes, I use Avon’s color pencil..the fat one..and run a line under my eyes to give a soft look(I esp. like the purple one)..make sure it’s not a hard line, but a “smudged” look; very fast and easy, and then the brown Maybelline liquid eyeliner to draw a thin line on my top lids; then L’Oreal dark brown mascara;it makes very beautiful thick eyelashes and they aren’t clumpy. I don’t like the NEW mineral mascara; it clumps up for me. That’s a lot of choices but they make very pretty eyes, in my opinion!!

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    • Generic Image Nadine says

      Looks like I wrote Mayke-up instead of Make-up; guess I was thinking of the Maybelline; I don’t spend much on make-up, as you can see, but the skin care has to be the best….Herbalife has that!!

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  7. Lynnette Lynnette says

    i cannot longer do my eyes, by 2 p.m. i look like someone punch me and i am all black and blue.  Is it because of the moisturizer?  I really would like to do my eyes again, upper and lower lid.  Any ideas?

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  8. Generic Image Lulu says

    My solution for thinning eyebrows is using an eyebrow brush which an Aveda salon showed me.  I love it and my brows look young again.  Who knew brows disappear!  I continue to use eyeliner on my upper lids close to eyelashes.  And mascara so my lashes reappear.  It took a good friend and an Aveda gal to reassure me and show me how to have my eyes come alive again.

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  9. Sandy Dumont Sandy Dumont says

    The most effective way to look younger is to learn how to do the “smoky eye” and give it an almond shape. The almond shape makes you appear to have an uplift at the outer corner of the eyes, so you appear to have “smiling” eyes. Mother Nature’s “line” is a downturned arc, and this “droop” needs to be tweaked and turned upward via the almond shape.


    Also most makeup artists mistakenly think that the smoky eye means putting a dark or smoky color eye shadow on the lid and all around the eyes. No! Never put dark eye shadow on the lids, because it will obscure the eyelashes. Leave the lip in a pale, neutral color. I like a monochromatic brown look for smoky eyes.


    Here’s how you do it. You put a dark color in the crease (don’t go too far at the inner and outer corners)  and a medium color just above (going up and out to form an almond shape at outer corners) it to act as a smudge so you don’t have a line of demarcation. Put the medium color under the eyes (not going too far at inner and outer corners. Then you put an even lighter shade all around the eyes to tie everything together, top and bottom and at sides. Result: huge doe-like eyes that are irresistible and youthful looking. If you want an illustration of this process, email me at sandy@theimagearchitect.com. No black eyeliner, as it makes the eyes look small, beady and mean.

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    • Generic Image Harp3 says

      I really need some help/advice with eye-liner. I use Maybelline waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner on my eyelids and lower eyelids. Within an hour or two, it has smudged all around my eyes and I look like I have two black eyes. I used to use this eyeliner all the time with no problem but now it really does smudge and run all around my eyes.  Any suggestions?

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  10. Generic Image Mama Mia says

    Hello ladies, enjoy reading your ideas.  I am a makeup artist and some other tips that  you might try are using a good makeup primer on the eye lid.  Just a tiny amount, let it dry.  Depending on coloration of your lid, you might then use a concealer to even out the skin tone.  There are different concealers for different discolorations depending if you have red, blue, or yellow annoyances.  Again, concealer goes a long way so it doesn’t take much at all.  Always use your ring finger and a makeup sponge.  The primer and concealer gives you a base for eye shadow and liners.  On women over 45, it’s best to use eye shadows as liners.  Black can be to harsh and make you look older.  Try gray or even some nice browns.  Use a good angle brush, gently stretch the lid and short stroke it on.  You can also softly smudge for a more natural look.  Harsh lines are not natural.  I agree, use soft colors on your lids.  Less is more as we age.

    Lash enhancers are great.  I do love Arbonne lash enhancer.  Goes on like eyeliner and should use it twice a day.  Also works on brows.  $35. way less than the others mentioned.

    you can use shadows in the brow for more natual look too. Pencils can look to harsh or painted on and often the waxes will actually thin your brow over time.  If you use a bit of primer, the shadows stay on the brow.

    More later..gotta run.  oh don’t use products on your face that are not meant for the skin. Alcohol too is extremely drying and not good for your skin to be absorbing.  Use makeup removers. 

    Have fun.

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