Women 50+ Know: The best shapewear – How to look hot for the holidays

1. Smooth “bra bulge” with Sassybax
From Lisa in Sassybax shapewear and in I found my perfect girdle
“Oh what a great shaper can do for your figure, your wardrobe – and your self-esteem! I have no tolerance for bra bulge across my back. Once you put ‘bra bulge’ into your consciousness, you can’t bear to spotted with it! And, you can put an end to it – at least for your own body. I’m a Sassybax gal myself. I love this brand of shapewear for how well-constructed it is and how it works with the curves and bulges of my body. My everyday bra is the short Bralette. Under snug tops I wear the Sassybax Torso Trim. The Torso Trim lives up to its name – really. Under dresses it’s the new Slimming Slip, Leggings, and Long Leg Panty shaper with cups across the back to shape a gal’s buttocks. (The bottom-shaping panty is comfortable and does the trick.) Lots of other brands out there, but this well-made line is a keeper for my wardrobe, and apparently for lots of celebrity stylists, too.”

2. Show off your middle with Lipo in a Box
From 2ShapeU in Women 50+ Know: What to Wear Underneath
“For my middle, New Tank Bodysuit by Lipo in a Box, style 46100. In black, I can even wear it as a layering piece and show it just like any tank top. It comes in either a full bottom or a thong bottom.”


3. Fake an hourglass figure with Flexees
Regina in I found my perfect girdle

“The Flexees Comfort Controlwear Instant Slimmer Long Torso Waist Nipper literally takes inches off your waist. It holds you in where you might normally hang out. The result is a very convincing hour-glass figure. I like how it reaches just under the bra and over the hips, so that it eliminates that spare tire created by other shapewear. The boning also reminds you to stand and sit up straight, so you look better since your posture is better. I wore it at a formal cocktail party recently and felt tall and trim! Also, with the eye-and- hook system of Flexees, I was able to dress myself with no help from my husband – and the thought of having to go to the bathroom was not a nightmare!”

4. Who needs lipo? Just wear Spanx
From E in Menopudge killed my wardrobe: 3 magic solutions
“Spanx are sold everywhere. You wear them under your clothes to smooth out your figure. Think of them as a reverse balloon. Instead of blowing out and filling up, you’re sucking in and smoothing down. They’re incredible! At first, I thought that the smaller the Spanx, the better I would look. No! Do not buy Spanx so small that you break out in a sweat just struggling to pull them up. If you do, you will have a huge spillover at the waist. Plus, you will not be fun to be with if you can’t breathe. In fact, you will be a bitch on wheels. Remember, you got rid of the clothes that cut off your circulation for a reason.”

From Jackielee in Spanx or what works best?
“I use Spanx occasionally and find them as comfortable as that type of product can be. They can make all the difference in the world worn under a dress. I like them because they hold my tummy in.”

5. Simplify dressing year-round with Wolford
From Lois Joy Johnson in Underwear after 50: 9 essential pieces
“I live for snap-crotch bodysuits by Wolford. Pricey, yes, but they last a lifetime with hand washing and simplify getting dressed. You never have to think about this layering piece bunching or riding up unexpectedly. I wear sleeveless tank bodysuits year-round – under matte jersey wrap dresses that are cut a bit too low at the neck, under cardigans, under very fitted V-neck winter sweaters and skinny jeans. The long sleeve versions work solo as tops with skirts or pants and easily slide under jackets and suits. My staple. Hellooo if anyone wants to give me a Christmas gift!”

What shapewear helps you look your best in a special outfit?

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6 Responses

  1. Haralee Haralee says

    Good info but with all compression shapewear, put them on before you do your make-up incase the putting puts you into a hot flash!

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  2. Generic Image kanmko says

    I was pulling on a spanx legging type of product, that I regularly wear now, when it took me back to the confusion that I had when I saw my mother squeezing into her “girdles” of her day. As a teen, I wondered, why would anybody go through all of that, just to wear clothes. She must have a choice, to wear it or not. And of course the inevitable, “i’ll never wear one of those things…” kind of mind.

    Of course, I wasn’t squeezing, I was just re-maneuvering the thing on my legs and thighs, so it would be straight and pulled up all the way. Whew! who’d of thought? And BTW, yes, I do love the extra tubes I can stylishly wear under my shirts to help smooth my little tummy and waist looking sleek!

    And now, as I wear (Oprah inspired, I hear) “spanx”, to help keep me smooth and warm in the winter, and my “support” leggings and long tanks, to help keep me smooth and warm in the summer ac, I thank God for another memory of my mom that I can smile about with myself.

    VN always gets the inside jobs, when it comes to what’s going on with our inner vibrancy!

    I love that I have a choice and a way to feel “pulled,” pressed or smoothed together, so to speak, with these cut off hosieries/under garment body (w)armors! Lets keep ourselves out of blacking out (remember when women fainted in the movies, was it due to wearing girdles that were too tight?) - and stick to our true sizes, else we get “planked!”. ;-)  

    Happy Holidays!

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  3. Leandra Leandra says

    This is all well & good but what happens when you have to take all this gear off?? You still have the sags, bulges, etc., that just make you want to hide from everyone. I remember those horrid girdles and the support panty hose that held your tummy in, too. None of it was fun and all went the way of crinoline for me. I’m a widow now and sure I can do all that but if I bring home a new man at some point he will see the real thing and be shocked. At 60, I’d settle for a good bra that brings the girls back up to where they should be without the back bulges!

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  4. Generic Image lpinchin says

    How sad that some women feel compelled to squeeze themselves into a constricting, rubber suit in order to feel attractive. Going for a brisk, hour long walk everyday, doing stretches, running around after grandchildren, and eating large, healthy salads (all of which is difficult to do much less enjoy in “shape wear”) is very likely to result in the same trim body and is a whole lot more fun!

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    • Generic Image kanmko says

      Honestly VNguest, I do most of the above (I don’t chase grandchildren) in shapewear (I don’t seem to perspire like I used to). I’ve found my personal BEST shaper upper is water exercises. When the schedule doesn’t include that, it’s good to know that I have a support “group” to go to – leggings! Plus, I really do layer undergarments to keep warm. I’m actually having fun, by making fun of myself and how I looked at my mother. 

      I do hear you though. We can do a lot to help determine the shape that we are in. Thanks for the healthy encouragement. ;-)

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  5. Fran S. Fran S. says

    Dear Vibrant Nation Guest;  Evidently, you are lucky enough to be slim and trim.  How terrific for you.  Also, you have all the answers!  You are so special!   I wish I’d thought of all of this stuff.  Thanks a lot.  Oh, you might think of adding your name when making a fast raid.

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