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Women 50+ Know: Jeans that fit us now
Fashion & Beauty

Women 50+ Know: Jeans that fit us now

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1 year ago

The following post contains affiliate links
1. Cambio
Dianne Morris, in Jeans that fit our figures now
“The middle area of our bodies seems to have changed a bit so we can’t buy just any brands. They can’t be too low below the belly button and not too tight but still cut straight, tailored well with good sturdy fabric... Cambio is one of my favorite brands. The ‘Sharon’ version is a little bit more forgiving than the others. ‘Nora’ comes in several lightly different leg widths and lengths, and they’re a little more fitted.”

2. Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans
Karen Lentini in Jeans that fit our figures now
“You don’t really have to spend a fortune for nice jeans. Gloria Vanderbilt puts out the ‘Amanda’ style which fits women’s curves quite well.”

Sunblossom in Jeans that fit our figures now
“I have very good luck with Gloria Vanderbilt also. Not pricey at all!”

MirrorWoman in Dreamy Jeans
“Gloria Vanderbilt is back in style! After several years of the same ‘unflattering but they fit okay’ pants, they’ve brought better fabrics – lightweight for spring – (with a bit of Spandex to keep their shape) and definite shapes to market. Check out bootcut ‘Allyson’ in the dark wash. Flattering boot cut balances my wider hips, a bit of tummy control with reinforced stitching in wide front pockets, a comfortable rise that almost comes to the waist (and looks smoother with overblouses or great with tuck-ins) and minimal stitching on back pockets. Plus they’re really inexpensive! I paid less than $20 on sale a few months ago.”

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Golfwidow4everr in Jeans that fit our figures now
“I love the Chico’s Platinum jeans for more dressy occasions, but for everyday wear, I like the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans.”

3. CABi (Carol Anderson by Invitation) Jeans
Jan Cullinane in Jeans that fit our figures now
“If anyone you know sells CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation), their jeans are great – comfortable, stylish, and flattering. I’ve attended a few CAbi parties – their clothing is sold in the home.”

AprilDiva in Jeans that fit our figures now
“I also love anything CABi. The styles are cut for our age and shape. My 23 year old daughter always comments on how young I look in these clothes. I am about to host my third CABi party and can’t wait to save on their new line. I live in Los Angeles and there is now at CABi outlet near downtown at the Citadel outlets. Great savings if you’re in the area!”

4. Reitmann’s Jeans
Irish77 in Jeans that fit our figures now
“Reitman’s of Canada’s comfort fit jeans are amazing. I have access to all the jeans out there and for anyone with a few extra pounds on them, these fit like a glove. No zippers or buttons and they are styled so you just pull them on like a pair of leggings. The waistband is about 2 1/2 inches wide so it fits flat on your hips and meets your waist just in the right spot so there is no muffin top ever. They are so comfortable to wear and I always look well put together. The price: just $36.00, even better.”

5. Wrangler Jeans
Carolyne in Jeans that fit our figures now
“Wrangler Aura’s have fit me well for a few years. They have 3 rise lengths and come in lots of leg lengths. And I have just found another Wrangler that I love — the Jet. It has a little elastic hidden in the waistband, and long enough for me to wear heels with them. This is a first! (I have no booty, no curves, short waist length, and very long legs.) And the price is reasonable.”

6. Citizen’s Jeans
AgelessJen in Jeans that fit our figures now
“I have splurged on a pair of Citizen’s. I get compliments every time I wear them.”

7. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
Judi50+ in My New White Jeans
“According to NYDJ, their jeans with the ‘Flatten Your Tummy’ double criss-cross feature also lifts my buttocks and allows me to look and feel one size smaller.” I am a size 4, so the one size smaller isn’t the biggest benefit, but the buttocks lift is a definite plus. These jeans are the best. I will have to purchase another pair of these jeans in blue denim and maybe black denim too.”

Dianne Morris, in Jeans that fit our figures now
“Cut just a little bit looser, comfortable.”

Judy Steinberg, in My New White Jeans
“I, too, stumbled unknowingly into the dressing room with a pair of NYDJ. Mine were blue denim, but a very soft denim, not the cardboard fabric most jeans seem to be made of. When I caught a glimpse of myself in the 3-way mirror and realized that I looked like I’d had a recent butt lift, I immediately ran back out to the rack where I found them, desperate already for a whole closet full of these miracle jeans, and was lucky enough to score the same lightweight blue denim with a gold lurex thread running through. Bonanza! A dress-up pair of jeans! This is my new favorite label, for sure. Best news of all….my daughter wouldn’t be caught dead in these jeans. Yesssss!!!”

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Vibrantspirit in My New White Jeans
“I too have recently found NYDJ and I love the way they fit. I am petite and it’s always been so hard to find jeans that fit me. So I am extremely happy to have found this brand and I highly recommend them. The material is high-quality and the workmanship too. I don’t pay retail for them since they are so expensive but I have been lucky to find them discounted on e-bay or in a consignment store.”

Kiki12 in My New White Jeans
“I went to Zappos and ordered a pair of dark denim NYDJ - OMG as the kids say, what a terrific fit, I absolutely love them and will be my jean of choice from now on. A little pricey for my taste, yet, I think they are worth it!”

8. CJ by Cookie Johnson
oneshiela in My New White Jeans
“A good fit for women with larger hips and behinds. I actually receive compliments when I wear them. The best compliment came when I was in a clothing store in New York and a very young salesperson came up to me and expressed how much she really liked my jeans. I was elated that at 58 years old, young women were complimented me on of all things, jeans.”

9. DG2 Jeans (HSN)
SavageGrace in Jeans that fit our figures now
“I am very curvy and petite, and often have trouble with gapping at the waist because my hips are large, but DG2 on HSN.com work great! Also, Chadwicks.com 2-way stretch jeans! Both are under $50.”

Auddie in Jeans that fit our figures now
“DG2 (Diane Gilman) jeans sold on HSN (are the best for jeans!”

10. Miraclebody Jeans
Dianne Morris, in Jeans that fit our figures now
“They claim you will ‘look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds.’ Not sure about that, but since they are cut looser you might take a smaller size and feel better.”

11. J. Jill Jeans
Malarkey in Jeans that fit our figures now
“I really like J Jill’s ‘boyfriend’ jeans right now. Great fit for my bod, very comfortable and soft fabrics. Comes in both corduroy and denim.”

Munz in Jeans that fit our figures now
“I bought a pair of white jeans from J.Jill last fall, then another pair just last week, because the fit was excellent and I wanted a dark-wash pair. They’re called J. Jill skinny jeans, and you cuff the bottom to the length you need, so no tailoring needed! They have a bit of stretch and are full and high enough in the waist to accommodate my 5’1″ 130-pound body perfectly!”

12. Dreamer Jeans (Old Navy)
KarenT in Dreamy Jeans
“I don’t usually shop for myself at Old Navy - their target customer is of course younger than I am. However, I was there over the holidays and saw jeans called “Dreamer.” The description: tummy panel and bottom lift, plus a bit higher rise to keep things covered in back. I tried on a pair and bought two on the spot. They make me feel fashionable and comfortable in my size 12′s!”

13. Talbot’s Trouser Jeans
Debbie-deb in Dreamy Jeans
“Cut so that my ‘muffin top’ isn’t bulging. No pockets on the tush, more of a relaxed boot cut and a little more tailored, but cool-looking. The final judgment came from my 26-year-old daughter who stopped by this afternoon. I tried them on and she gave them two thumbs up! Definitely not ‘Mom’ jeans!”

What's your favorite jeans brand now? Recommend it below!


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