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Cara - VN Staff

When should you stop paying your child’s cell phone bill?

A few weeks ago, you took a VN survey in which we asked you whether you help your adult children pay their expenses.

Among the survey's findings:

59% of respondents pay for an adult child's cell phone.

When do they plan to stop paying? Here's a sampling of what members wrote in the survey:

  • "When they get out of school or they get married. It's a safety issue for me."
  • "When they become financially independent and can afford to pay for their own rent and food.
  • "Never, if you want them to keep in touch with you."
  • "I don't think a parent should ever pay for this. We got along without a cell phone and so can they."

Click here to see more results from this survey.

When should you stop paying your child's cell phone bill?


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