What’s the End Game?

I have a good, new relationship. I have no idea how this relationship will naturally develop. I have no pre-conceived idea of what it should look like, I only know that it feels good and positive now.But like most women I am capable of driving myself crazy. The question that runs through my mind, and that I have no answer for, is "what do I want and need at this stage of my life"? Just a boyfriend? Eventually a live in lover? True love without marriage? Or another golden ring?

I've been married twice...each time it was not a financial plus, there was not enough sex, I worked more, and security was illusional. I've also lived with men twice, men who were not worth marrying. Same as above, but lots of hot sex.

Right now I love having my own space. Money isn't an issue and I'm working less than I have in 20 years. I have time to take care of myself with exercise and a careful diet. I spend my income as I please and for my own goals.

But old age is coming...do I want to be alone? With a companion? Married again?

Thoughts, comments, please, because I know that we are all asking some version of this question. Your wisdom has guided me many times in this difficult transition. Thanks in advance


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