Georgia T

Wanted new friends…………..

I moved  to an entirely new area a couple months ago. In any future moves I will pack myself. Packers love to use a lot of boxes and a lot or packing paper. I found candles wrapped in 4 sheets of packing paper. It took longer to unpack all that than it would have for me to do the packing myself  and I would have saved like  50 trees. It would have been worse if I was going room from room scolding them on overusing paper and boxes.

Although I do enjoy discovering  new places there are some things about moving to a new location that are just not on my list of favorite things.

One of them is finding my way around. Thank God for GPS but hey they don't always help. Like when it says travel north. Ok how the heck do I know which way is north? Yes I know moss grows on the north side of a tree.......but hello there is no moss here and the trees are too far back from the road for me to tell anyway. And if it is not a sunny day or is high noon the position of the sun isn't any help either. Forget about getting out of a traffic jam when you have no idea where all the back roads lead. Something I knew like the back of my hand in my old town.

And then there was the day I could not get my garage door to open. No matter how much I pushed the button on the remote. So I  took out the new batteries and put them back in...still nothing.  Then as I stared up again at the garage in frustration I realized I had pulled in the driveway of someone else's home.

Oh and then there is the quest for a new hairdresser. I always come prepared with the exact formulations and pictures but sadly that does not necessarily correlate to success.  In past moves my search for a new hairdresser has resulted in orange hair which the stylist insisted on trying to convince me  was just a "warm" color. Then there was the one who left me with green hair. The middle of the road goofs were just too brassy, too white, or a myriad of just not right colors. Recommendations from women with dark hair even though beautifully done doesn't always translate on lighter shades. It seems maintaining  blonde shades and covering gray is just apparently a whole different skill set.

And then there are the doctors and dentists. Really Dr raised in Michigan you got your degree from the Medical school of Guadalara...what are you saying that NOT ONE medical school in the entire United States would accept you? Really Dentist you want to numb my mouth with a metal syringe from the 50's  ....have you heard about the advances since then Mr Dentist?

But in the meantime I NEED SOME FRIENDS....that means pushing outside of my comfort zone and striking up conversations wherever I go. In the grocery, in the neighborhood, in the wine store. I joined a gym. I went to an art show and met a woman engineer that I liked right off.  Yea maybe a new girlfriend!  Maybe she will know where I can get a good haircut. We exchanged contact info and I made myself call her that next week to arrange getting together for dinner. It seemed like we had much in common...until she ordered herself that 3rd martini in an hour.

But then any distraction from  boxes I've yet to unpack is a blessing.

So Ladies how do adjust to the big, jobs, marriages, divorce?


Georgia T.



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