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Kristine Drake

Walking Reinvention Boulevard; one step at the time.

In my case, one of those vital steps have been to reduce my work hours. Starting this January, I work one day less a week. It took a long time for me to understand that this actually was an option.  An important key to set my desired changes in motion was right in front of me, it just took a while to see it! I have worked full time nonstop for 27 years and I guess that stifled my believes in how I related to my work life.

Having a more flexible week is to me a real energy boost. First of all I work more efficiently since I have less time to do the work. I still have the same workload, just less time to do it. This sets my competitive instinct on fire and I am happy to see the gains of increased focus and concentration.

Second I have time to focus on the other things I have wanted to do. I have one full day in which I can indulge in other types of work and activities. Instead of sitting up late on weeknights I now wait till my day off comes. This means my evenings are more relaxed and I am happier.

Last but not least, I really feel the pride in my stomach that I have listened to my inner voice and taken action. This feeling of having taken myself seriously is probably worth a few years of good health!

However. Less hours at work means less money in the bank. That’s why I am starting on a budget today. Better to tighten the belt then to reduce the monetary safety net or build a credit.

And how amazingly motivated I am! Its just crazy how the motivation and energy pours out of me now that I have started this walk on Reinvention Boulevard.

Are you walking this boulevard as well?



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