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Viva Mexico

A long walk on the Bay of Banderas beach yesterday revealed a couple of things.

I don't understand the Mexican economy...our town is deserted; the beaches and restaurants are still quite empty (it is early in the "season") - yet construction of new condos is booming. Who will be buying these places? Who has $400,000.00 or more to spend on one of these palatial, new vacation homes? Everything that had a "for sale" sign on it last time we were here is still for sale. If existing inventory is not moving, what are the chances that all this new real estate will find buyers? All I can think of to explain it is that drug cartel money must get laundered through real estate development projects!

Prices in the grocery store are also higher this trip (some things are 20-30% higher) and the cost of "Happy Hour" buckets of 5 beers have jumped. We've only had two meals out at our usual haunts, and one had a new menu - with higher prices.

Along with fatter prices, people seem fatter too - the tourists and locals alike all have spare tires (including us!). I worry about the health of all of us in countries that have an over abundance of processed, high-refined-carbohydrate, and high-fructose-corn-syrup-laden food. Maybe it's more noticeable in a hot climate where people are wearing less clothing/tighter clothing, but pretty much everyone over the age of 20 is overweight, be they Canadian, American or Mexican. We are all united in fat.

I've been seriously wrestling with bringing my cholesterol and insulin levels out of the danger zone, so tend to walk the beach mentally diagnosing everyone heavier than me as walking strokes, or potential heart attacks, and future diabetics. Not exactly carefree thoughts!

We are "gym shopping" right now and hope to find a health club with the right amenities at the right price, so there will be less of us when we go home this spring. There is a June family wedding in our future, and I want John looking good in a tuxedo and me in a cocktail dress (with no unsightly bulges and less upper arm jiggles). We have our work cut out for us (and I type this as John places a breakfast croissant sandwich in front of me that he has made - I guess the diet starts tomorrow!).

Todo bien. (It's all good.)

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