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Tomima Edmark

Underwear over 50: 5 mistakes you can avoid

  1. Hanging on to white bras.
    The majority of the world has moved on to nude, but many women in our generation hang on to white lingerie because our mothers taught us to perceive white as clean. But white bras have a limited shelf life. They're made of synthetic materials like spandex. You can't bleach them to sustain the white color, so they eventually yellow.
  2. Wearing bras that are a cup size too small and a band size too big.
    This is a very common mistake among women our age. A bra that is a cup size too small and a band size too big may fit you, but it won't maximize your figure. It's better to get a tighter band and a bigger cup size to show off your form.
  3. Assuming you're the same bra size as in college.
    The truth is, you're probably not. Get yourself refit.
  4. Failing to ditch the granny panties.
    We all come from the granny panty period. But I'm telling you that if I put on a bikini bottom instead of a brief or a high-cut brief, I look skinnier and way better than I do putting on those monster panties. So my suggestion to older women is, if you want to look attractive, get those skimpy bikinis. They still cover your bottom in the back, they've got a lower rise so it's below your tummy, and you just look better.
  5. Not realizing that shapewear is your friend.
    Many of us think of shapewear as a girdle, but shapewear has come a long way. Now we have all these great high performance fabrics that breathe; you're not wearing rubber anymore like you were before. Even Oprah said that she has given up panties and wears a shapewear every day. Everyone should own a couple of shapewear pieces.

Do you have your own underwear tips to share? Post them below!


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