Toxic friend!

Hi, any one with advice? I had been friends with a lady for twelve years. In this time,I've been happily married but she hasn't. She since divorced, got involved with a total low life and refused to listen to us. We asked her not to bring him over, she did any way!

So to appease her, we tried to accept him. She tried ending it with him several times and he continually harrassed her till she gave in. The only good thing about it all was she had her own home. Well she sold her home and moved far away and we were hoping that would finally be the end of it.The low life came to our home and us fools listened to him plead his case and in time wooed her back to live with him, with all his false promises.

To make a long story short, they had an ugly split up, he threw her things out the door. We were all sick, having to help her move her stuff and deal with said low life. She has since tried to get a restraining order and I being her friend spent the morning at the courts, only for the judge to say to her "why do you keep going back to him?"

Then she took him to small claims trying to get money out of him, to no avail. I was not feeling well enough to attend and told her so and that I did not wish to be involved any longer. Now the low life keeps phoning, and accusing me of stealing an item of his, which I know nothing about and told him so. But he refuses to listen and keeps phoning.

I spoke to him the first time he phoned and i've chosen not to waste my words on him any longer. He's been leaving accusing messages. It's all such childish bull! He said she said!

Any advice? And said friend is no longer speaking to me, it seems she's stuck me with her annoying low life!


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