Top Tips to Bringing the “X” Back to Your Sex Life
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Top Tips to Bringing the “X” Back to Your Sex Life

Rachael - VN Editor

3 months ago

When it comes to women and sex, our bodies have a sort of "use it or lose it" feature built in. This is particularly true after menopause. When our hormones start petering out, we experience a decline in our libidos. Fortunately, all is not lost. Here are some great ways to ramp up your sex life and help bring that spark back to the bedroom.


Try something new

We've all heard it a million times, but sometimes it's hard to veer from the tried and true methods that get us going. The fact is, after so long the tried and true can get, well, boring. We're not suggesting to completely reconfigure everything you've ever done between the sheets--though that may not be a bad idea. No, instead try some new twists on some of your old moves.

The liberator wedge is a great way to add a little something extra. Sometimes all it takes is a slight change of position to rub you the right way. Designed to allow both partners to experience new sensations, it will allow you to take things up a notch without feeling like you are going completely overboard.

Feeling a little more daring and ready to find out what makes your partner purr like a kitten? Try the Mini Marvels Massager to learn what makes him tick. Find the most sensitive spots on each other's bodies with this heart-shaped massager with an organic, ergonomic touch. Not ready to experiment with toys? That's fine too. This little tool can legitimately work to aid in massaging sore muscles and encourage skin-on-skin contact.

Show Him Your Inner Sex Kitten

You don't have to go crazy here. The key is to be confident in whatever sexy little number you're wearing. Find something that makes you feel good, whether it is sheer fabric, lacy lingerie, or risque leather or latex.

Something like this babydoll slip is perfect to flatter any figure. Sheer fabric makes you feel sleek and sexy without necessarily feeling like a hussy.

Sometimes buying and wearing a sexy slip or nightie feels too forced and contrived. Feeling sexy all the time can do wonders to amp up your desire and drive. Wearing this sultry little lace cami and panties underneath clothes give the feeling of carrying around a sexy little secret.

Games Aren't Just for Family Game Night

Oh no, games can do wonders to spice things up and give couples an excuse to try something new. These fun dice are a great way for couples to experiment in the bedroom to find out new ways to excite your partner. Better still, they can help you and your partner climb out of a sexual rut if you've been stuck in one for a while. Combine the sexy game with some of these edible body products you and your partner won't soon forget!

Speak Up

Sometimes it's hard to vocalize your wants and needs. Particularly if you have been together for a long time. It can become an uncomfortable situation to finally declare that you HATE that one thing he does and you always have hated it. It's easy to get into that situation--you're afraid to hurt your partner's feelings when they do something different, so you don't say anything. Before you know it, it's a regular occurrence during your encounters and it makes you want to just forget the whole thing rather than declare your discomfort.

Even more, many of us experience vaginal discomfort as we reach menopause making intercourse painful. There's no reason to grin and bear it, and there are a few measures you can take to eliminate discomfort during sex. First and foremost, keep at it. Your vagina is, as I said earlier, a use or or lose it thing. The longer you go without regular intercourse, the more dry and painful sex can become. Intercourse stimulates blood flow to your lady bits, and regular intercourse will help improve circulation as well as lubrication. Still, there are times when no matter how often you do it, you just cannot get the lubrication you need to be comfortable. Introducing lubricants like Please Cream Lubricant can take your encounters to the next level.

The Takeaway

After many many years in a relationship with the same person, it can be easy to fall into a rut. Too many of us decide that it's just easier to be sexless and accept it as a sign of our increasing ages. It really doesn't have to be that way, though. As many of us are finding ourselves alone again with our spouses or partners for the first time in decades, now is the perfect time to rekindle that spark. With the house to yourselves, there is no reason not to get your groove back and find new and exciting ways to explore each other in the bedroom. Whether it's naughty lingerie or some fun, flirty games, seize this opportunity to make the most of your time together. Rediscover the things you love about one another and maybe take the opportunity to learn something new.




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