I don't use the Christmas or other holiday's Spirit to wish people well, it is a part of life that I journey for...but I would like to remind many of you who love to go out and shop please take care .

 A. Try to do your shopping in the day and have someone with you. or a group.

1. Please make your purses "light"*( not carrying your valuable in them  IE, credit cards SS important papers) MY DH check our street drainage as we live on a corner, and sometimes that is where stolen purses are thrown...He "fishes them out and then we find who the owners are and  call them to collect their personal remains...Once a lady has every bill, check books, SS Birth certificate it was like a file cabinet in a purse!!!

2.Please , let someone know where you are going and  and      when you arrive safely .

3. Walk Strong and look determined as if you are expecting someone to try something ,,you probably will not be chosen,,

4. Keep cell phones , car keys and house keys in your pockets,

5. Please don't walk and talk on the phone they like distracted people during this season especially.

6.Happy Hoildays  and remember the greatest gift you can give is your well being and that of your love ones.

B. OVER THE YEARS MY DH HAVE "FISHED" OVER A DOZEN PURSES ,Many people are so grateful they offer us rewards of which we do not take, we believe if you have lost your money why should anygone take pay  for being honest and giving you what is rightly yours...we once found a large sum of money that the thief overlooked that person was most grateful for their bill money.....  


7. My gift of great wishes and well being....SIPPFayette


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