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Thinning hair remedies: Pantene launches new product line

Hair gets older like the rest of you, and Pantene is making an effort to address that in their newest contribution to thinning hair remedies. A new product line called Pantene Expert Collection will help get aging an damaged hair healthy.

Two lines

Pantene’s Expert Collection actually introduces two new product lines in the world of hair care: AgeDefy and Advanced+ Keratin Repair. Both lines are made for women who are in need of an advanced level of hair care, and both can help mask the signs of female hair thinning. The products in Pantene’s new line are made to increase hair shine and bounce, which will give it the illusion of volume. The company has already tapped actress Courteney Cox to function as the spokesperson for the new products. Cox, 48, will talk frankly about aging hair in the upcoming ad campaign.

“My hair has gone through so many transformations,” Cox said in a recent press release. “One transformation that I was not expecting was how my hair was changing as I got older. My hair was starting to get dry, brittle and thinner.” She said that Pantene’s AgeDefy and Advanced+ Keratin Repair products made her hair feel smooth, manageable and younger.

Female hair thinning

It’s very common for women to experience female hair thinning. Hair loses density with age, and the normal rate of hair fall may increase. This can be caused by a number of factors, not the least of which is Mother Nature. Genetics, illness, medication, poor nutrition, stress – all of this can make hair look and feel thinner.

Pantene’s new products, according to the literature, are formulated to thicken up thinning strands of hair. Texture changes are very common in women as they go through menopause, and this can actually shrink the diameter of hair. AgeDefy is supposed to thicken those strands of hair. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, hair masque (for added moisture) and a thickening treatment. It’s supposed to fight dull hair, thin strands, dryness, weak hair that breaks easily, and other problems that occur when hair ages.

The Advanced+ Keratin Repair system is designed to make damaged hair smoother and prevent further damage. This line includes a shampoo and conditioner, split-end treatment and 60-second hair therapy treatment.

Pantene’s new product line for hair care is one of many thinning hair remedies that are available to women with this problem. Hairstyles for thin hair and other tricks can be used to treat and manage the problem as well.

Learn more about female hair thinning in our free special report, Hairstyles for thin hair: Best Treatments, Products, and Haircuts for Fine Hair.


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