Debi Drecksler

The most outrageous comment of the day

I am often amazed at the sales pitches customers are given when shopping for products. With the internet at our fingertips as the most powerful tool in the world, it is presumptuous of a salesperson to assume that a potential customer can be talked into anything.

The world has changed....Though the quality of workmanship has rapidly deteriorated through the years (don't get this old-timer started), the average shopper has the ability to be 100% more educated than a generation ago.

I had an experience a while back that elevated my blood pressure. The manager of a washer and dryer department of a local store attempted to convince me that it was totally understandable that my fairly new washer machine was on the blink again.

"After all" she said, "You know how things are made today."

Did this department manager actually believe that I would shake my head in agreement and run to buy one of her shiny new washing machines?

With the economy in a slump every dollar has become more precious to consumers. Businesses must realize this and make every attempt to educate their sales staff on how to present themselves to potential customers.

First of all, a reputable salesperson must learn everything they can about the products they are selling. Customers are turned off by working with someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

Secondly, there is no excuse for shoddy workmanship. No customer in the world is going to be impressed with negative comments about a lower priced or competitive product as a means of elevating them to a higher priced item.

If a product is not made should not be sold. A generic product with no bells and whistles should cost less money without sacrificing quality. It is time for consumers to demand this and not accept mediocrity.. We deserve better!

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