Bonnie McFarland

The Instant Face Lift

I’ve watched it happen many times. The woman I’m coaching looks brighter, more radiant, and more alive than she did when we started our conversation.  Often she looks younger. Always her beauty shines.

She’s had a “face lift” – without the pain, recovery time, or expense of surgery.

And that’s not even the best part! 

She’s getting a “life lift” as well, finding her path to more joy, fun, passion, and purpose.

What is this magic? The woman is connecting with what lights her up.

What’s That?

What lights you up is what energizes and enlivens you. It is a physiological response that can be seen, heard, felt, and sensed in your eyes, face, voice, and body.

When you’re “lit up” you have a twinkle in your eye, lilt in your voice, and spring in your step. There is a visible aliveness, radiance, and vitality about you. You feel energized and enlivened. 

Your Internal GPS

What lights you up is a powerful inner GPS, a navigation system to guide you to more passion, aliveness, joy, and vitality in your life. And who doesn’t want more of that!?!

When you notice what lights you up and give yourself permission to do more of that, you can change your face as well as your life, like the “instant face lift” women I’ve seen.

Focus on what lights you up and add more of this to your life; your true beauty will shine and so will you!


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