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Vaginal Lubricants: 6 products to help overcome dryness that causes intercourse pain
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Vaginal Lubricants: 6 products to help overcome dryness that causes intercourse pain

VN Editors

1 year ago

While everyone knows some ways that menopause and aging affect a woman’s body — can anyone say wrinkles or hot flashes? — many women are embarrassed to discuss painful intercourse resulting from vaginal dryness.

It’s especially frustrating when the natural vaginal lubrication a woman is used to “dries up,” making it so much more difficult to enjoy what can be one of life’s great rewards — sex after 50!

While there are medical solutions to consider for vaginal dryness, this special report addresses the easiest short-term fix for painful intercourse owing to female dryness, a solution strongly recommended by Dr. Pepper Schwartz: vaginal lubrication.

In fact, according to Dr. Schwartz, the potential benefits of vaginal lubricants extend beyond the immediate, short-term effects:

“Using a vaginal lubricant often acts to ‘prime the pump’ and your body may start lubricating on its own again. Plus, once you start having sex, you awaken the hormones in your body. In some cases, the more sex and arousal you have (by any means), the more likely those vaginal tissues are likely to get in shape or stay in shape.”

The best over-the-counter vaginal lubricants

If you haven’t shopped for vaginal lubricants recently, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Your neighborhood pharmacy stocks a lot more of them than it used to. Whether you prefer lubrication that feels natural, like your own vaginal secretions, or one that is as slippery as possible, or one that's thicker to help with thinning vaginal walls that might be causing painful intercourse, you can find an appropriate product.

The members of Vibrant Nation love to share great product recommendations, and lubricants are one of the most discussed. Here are some of the most recommended vaginal lubricants from Vibrant Nation members:

Liquid Silk – Favored by many post-menopausal women. Better for women as vaginal lubrication than it is for men (and their own needs).

Carrageenan – “Here's why I like it: it's all natural and feels like me. It's the only all natural lubricant I've found that actually works. It has no smell or taste, either.”

Replens –  A unique, estrogen-free and long-lasting vaginal moisturizer.  One application can last three days. As one VibrantNation.com member said, “I like the products like Replens, which allow use three times per week. Then whenever the opportunity presents itself, I can be ready.” With regular use, Replens provides continuous vaginal moisture for most women.

Astroglide –  “My personal favorite is Astroglide, and yes, it does make things glide. Works better on toys too. Just add a little water if the lube starts to dry out.”

OH! Warming Lubricant – “Emerita makes a product called ‘OH! Warming Lubricant’ which can help fuel the ‘fire down below’ in a gentle, sensual way while providing ‘natural’ lubrication.”

K-Y Lubricants – The grandmother of all vaginal lubricants now offers a wide range of products, from “Moisture Enhancing Silk-E” to “His and Hers” products. One VibrantNation.com member says, “It's like liquid Teflon.”

Buying vaginal lubricants online

If you’re shy about checking out vaginal lubricants at the drugstore, you can shop for them online at women-friendly, sex product retailers such as the following:

Spend as much time as you want exploring these private, online retailers. These websites offer lots of valuable information, and employ sensitive, devoted telephone salespeople for women — just like you.

Shy about getting started with vaginal lubricants for overcoming the female dryness that causes painful intercourse?

You may have purchased vaginal lubrication, you may even have tried several out and found your favorite. But like many women, you may be shy about asking your partner to use vaginal lubricants with you. So, how should you introduce this new product into your sex life? Women who have traveled this path have two suggestions. First, invite your partner to apply the lubricant. Seeing how it works will probably turn him on, too, and encourage him to make it part of your sex play.Another way to introduce vaginal lubricants, suggested by a VibrantNation.com member:

“Try using some on him during foreplay. The way your hands will slide should make a believer out of him. If he is still resistant, try putting some lube on your inner lips when you are planning to have sex.”


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