Natalie Caine

Techy communication tools that I’ve learned to appreciate

Truth is I have a fear factor when it comes to techy learning. I actually have to write down the steps in order to integrate the action. But I am okay with feeling slow and clueless. I do it just to bridge the distance and stay in touch with my grown daughter and three nephews.

  • Texting
    I had to learn to make my fingers type on tiny phone keys and click space and then use codes like gtg (got to go). All foreign language to me, but wow, it is how the kids communicate. They actually respond when it is a text! I admit, I get the frustrated thought inside my head that says, "Can't you just call and not keep texting?" But I have surrendered to that fact that texting is what works for them. I want them to talk to me.
  • Skype
    When they were studying abroad or living out of state, I blessed Skype. See them, hear them, and get that warm fuzzy. I know aunts and grandparents who love seeing and talking to the little ones, those adorable pre-schoolers, so they too, use Skype.
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
    Some parents just talk on their cell phones or use Instant Messaging on their computers. I am not a lover of instant message. I use it, but it is often interrupting for me and my work time.

By the way, do you ever feel like you are being invaded with all this communication access? Honestly, sometimes, I don't want to pick up or type. It is easier to ignore the phone than instant message or text. On the flip side, thank goodness for this easy way to reach out and simply get a "HI MOM MISS YA!"

Natalie Caine, Empty Nest Support Services

What tech tools do you use to stay in touch with family? Tell us about them in the discussion below.


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