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This grandmother is 104, and she’s never had to use grey hair dye

Without the benefits of grey hair dye or any other treatment to her hair, a woman who recently turned 104 has luscious brunette locks. She hasn’t got a single grey hair in her head. What every woman on the planet wants to know, of course, isread more »

Honoring Vets With Gratitude

read more »

Life Transitions – His Health Says We Have to Move Most Liked Hot Conversation

The last six years have been heaven on earth for me. I always wanted to “get back to the ranch;” I grew up in New Mexico. I found another ranch on which to retire in Central Mexico six years ago. All our savings went into making it the best plread more »

Say Hello Not Goodbye To Your Golden Years

Many of us have spent years waking up at 6:00 am to be at a job we found depleting. If we are not going to be able to kick back, drive a golf cart and play bridge all day, let's envision a different kind of retirement for ourselves. Here are a few read more »

My favorite movie of all time

"I LOVE these true-life overcoming types of stories!" ~ grammayumyumread more »

The Power of Post Menopausal Women

I now know why a male friend of mine wrote, “You post menopausal women are amazing. I could not keep up with you if I tried.” Yet, as amazing as we are, we are invisible to others. Maybe this invisibility is our secret power source?read more »

On Being A Military Brat

It was 1965 and the end of our time at Vandenberg Air Force Base after eight years. I was fourteen years old and in the last semester of 9th grade.  My whole life was consumed with my friends, school, teen club dances, movies, roller sread more »

Say Hello, Not Goodbye, to your Golden Years Most Liked

Many of us have spent years waking up at 6:00 am to be at a job we found depleting. If we are to work for years to come, let's make it work on our terms. Here are a few suggestions.read more »

Are you poor?

Poverty can alter behavior. Poor nutrition can alter behavior. Being cold 24 hours a day can alter behavior. Being so poor school isn’t an option is a disaster waiting to happen. read more »

Getting the Most Out of Life. Still.

At my library's annual used-book sale, I stumbled upon a thin, well-worn volume entitled Getting the Most Out of Life. read more »