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Honoring Vets With Gratitude

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Life Transitions – His Health Says We Have to Move Most Liked Hot Conversation

The last six years have been heaven on earth for me. I always wanted to “get back to the ranch;” I grew up in New Mexico. I found another ranch on which to retire in Central Mexico six years ago. All our savings went into making it the best plread more »

Say Hello Not Goodbye To Your Golden Years

Many of us have spent years waking up at 6:00 am to be at a job we found depleting. If we are not going to be able to kick back, drive a golf cart and play bridge all day, let's envision a different kind of retirement for ourselves. Here are a few read more »

My favorite movie of all time

"I LOVE these true-life overcoming types of stories!" ~ grammayumyumread more »

The Power of Post Menopausal Women

I now know why a male friend of mine wrote, “You post menopausal women are amazing. I could not keep up with you if I tried.” Yet, as amazing as we are, we are invisible to others. Maybe this invisibility is our secret power source?read more »

On Being A Military Brat

It was 1965 and the end of our time at Vandenberg Air Force Base after eight years. I was fourteen years old and in the last semester of 9th grade.  My whole life was consumed with my friends, school, teen club dances, movies, roller sread more »

Say Hello, Not Goodbye, to your Golden Years Most Liked

Many of us have spent years waking up at 6:00 am to be at a job we found depleting. If we are to work for years to come, let's make it work on our terms. Here are a few suggestions.read more »

Are you poor?

Poverty can alter behavior. Poor nutrition can alter behavior. Being cold 24 hours a day can alter behavior. Being so poor school isn’t an option is a disaster waiting to happen. read more »

Getting the Most Out of Life. Still.

At my library's annual used-book sale, I stumbled upon a thin, well-worn volume entitled Getting the Most Out of Life. read more »

“Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I Shall be Late!”

Why do we work more and more hours in order to buy more and more stuff, when buying the stuff takes precious time away from activities that could really be more self nurturing than wandering through malls or cyber shopping?read more »