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Your World, Your Words

Sitting here next to my new grandson, I wonder what his world will be like when he grows up.read more »

Good Read

I love to read and have on my bucket list to read a 1000 books by the end of 2014:) One of the best books so far that I have read in a very long time is ( A Dog’s Purpose) by W.Bruce Cameron. I laugh and cried and just fell in love with thisread more »

What Vibrant women can learn from Diane Keaton

If you’ve watched any movie made after the year 1970, chances are pretty high that you will recognize Diane Keaton, an actress who is truly a vibrant woman.read more »

Growing Up Not Old Most Liked

Here I am at age 62 and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. That is not entirely true. It might be said that I have not grown up yet. I can’t take the blame, though. It is my kids that are keeping me in this perpetually circlingread more »

When You’re Hot, Your Hot….or Not!

Several years ago we did a survey asking women that we knew, what we thought was a serious question, “when was the last time you felt hot?’’.  (Hot as in sexy, not flashes.)  Replies ranged between not recentlyread more »

Friendship in midlife: How to make new friends after divorce or major life change Most Liked

Big life changes, like death or divorce, have a ripple effect that touches every other aspect of your life.read more »

Letting My Dog Go

“Guess how old he is.” When she answered “five,” I told her the truth: 16 and a half. “Today is his last day. We’re putting him down tomorrow.”read more »

To Create or Not to Create, That is the Question. Most Liked

I wax philosophical on Sundays, mulling over those deep questions of human existence and why we are here. Are we here to take up space and get caught up in the gears of our cultural existence—sitting on the couch after a grinding work day watchiread more »

Colon health after 45: What every Vibrant woman should know

Nobody likes talking about colon health, or fiber, or anything that has to do with that area of the body.read more »

What to eat at midlife: Fad diets to avoid

It seems like there’s a new diet to try every week, another celebrity on TV claiming they’ve got the answer, yet another new meal plan that promises success.read more »