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Guilty Grandma?

What ever happened to the benefits of being a grandma and enjoying your grandchildren and sending them home?  My daughter gets upset with me if I say “no” to babysitting every once in a great while.  She makes me feel guilty and saysread more »

Defining Dyspareunia: Where Does It Hurt?

You may know already that dyspareunia is simply a fancy way of saying painful sex, and that it’s extremely common. But you may not be aware that there are different types of dyspareunia, and they will cause you different types of pain when you eread more »

Thyroid &Soy

I have been on the 17 Day Diet for 3 weeks and have lost 7lbs. I am running 5 miles a day. I am feeling so much better now that my thyroid is back in balance and am  able to lose weight.I found that eating anything with soy blocks my thyroid read more »

Mirena coil

Hi there, I’ve only just joined. I’m 49 yrs old and showing signs of menopause. My Doc mentioned the Mirena Coil for Hormonal balance. I got debilitating Migraines from this when I had it before but I wondered what your thoughts are onread more »

Spending time with family…or not. Most Liked Hot Conversation

Today I woke overwhelmed with feelings of sadness. I miss my family and they live 5 min. from me. My family is a very small one.  At 61, both my parents have passed. Both of them were only children, so sadly there are no other family memberead more »

hair cut Hot Conversation

After much contemplation I finally bit the bullet and had my hair  cut  off…it is 1 inch on top and a half inch on the sides. I have been coloring my long & blonde hair for 30 years. I often wondered how much gray I have. Surprread more »

18 year old daughter

My daughter has her first break at college. Its labor day weekend.She didnt come home she said that the college was taking kids who had to stay at college to the lake for 3 days and her phone wont work. Sounds fishy.. After doing some researching read more »

IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 54 years old and now into my 3rd year without work. My savings and retirement is gone. I work part-time as a Retail Merchandiser making 9.50 a hour. My rent is 6 months overdue and my landlady who loves me has no choice but to evict me. read more »

I am now a bald headed Bi@ch! Hot Conversation

I have been substitute teaching since January.. In that time I have been called a bitch a whore a cunt a fucker a fucking (fill in the blanks) and now a bald headed bitch by kindegartenders (read more »

why can’t I FIND A JOB Hot Conversation

I was made redundant nearly 4 years ago working as a receptionist for a world wide company for 3 years.  I became ill with a thyroid and battled for over 2 years with it before having it destroyed with radiation treatment.  I am 55, my husband wread more »