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Douche doesn’t cure female dryness

New archaeological evidence suggests that women have been trying to clean themselves and cure female dryness using douche since the 19th century.read more »

bullying by my boss

I have been at my job for l.5.  I work in elementary school as a receptionist.  Recently, my boss(the principal) has been been bullying me. She has yelled at me in front others like i was 2 year old.  She is known as difficult to get along withread more »

Try Vaginal Moisturizers to Treat Female Dryness

Instead of using lubricant for on-the-spot relief, try using vaginal moisturizers to treat female dryness.read more »

Learning a beauty regimen-at my age?

When I was young…in my 20′s, 30′s or even 40′s…it didn’t take much to look ok, My skin, hair and nails all looked good, simply because I was young or young-er. Now that I’m in my late 50′s, however, read more »

Lets Be Passionate & Build Together

Hi…My name is Phyllis & I am 60 years young & I decided yesterday…I missed working & needed more income, than I have.I raised 5 sons on my own.Lost one son 6 years ago & of course, my Life has changed forever.I have learead more »

When dyspareunia ruins your sex life, it may ruin your marriage

Painful sex, dyspareunia, is a very common condition that women don’t like to talk about.read more »

When Lubricant Doesn’t Work for Your Dyspareunia…

Painful sex, or by a more complicated name dyspareunia, is so common among menopausal women that you may be told to use lubricant and go away (in more polite terms). But what if lubricant doesn’t work? When personal moisture isn’t the source oread more »

Anyone else work at home?

I love working from home. Sometimes, though, I need to shut my office door at the end of the day to transition to being “off”. I want to put some king of sign or door knob hanger on my door with a cute/funny way of saying “closedread more »

Does our skin get darker as we age?

I recently read an article in a professional beauty magazine on what makes us look older. The article stated that our lips lose color so some lip color is good to splash on when headed out the door for what ever reason, I agree.  Our eyebrread more »

Is it time for you to try cordless vibrator use?

If you’ve been enjoying vibrator use for more than a few years, you may be savvy enough to know that plug-in vibrators offer a more powerful punch than the cordless variety.read more »