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Gray Divorce

I’ve read so many posts from women over 50 going through divorce and I hope someone can benefit from my experience.  I divorced at age 59, after a 38 year marriage…he filed.  My Ex is a lazy, financially and emotionally abusiread more »

Women Against Women

We have all been there: —the daughter-in-law who controls and doesn’t want her son to continue a relationship with us —the woman at work who snipes and manipulates to advance her career at the expense of other womenread more »

Trying to pull it together!

I have been with my soon to be ex, for almost 30 yrs. The last few yrs. I wouldn’t wish on anyone! I had to undergo 11 hip surgeries, but IM WALKING!!! And to say how hard that was to stay positive, is a understatement, but I guess I wasnread more »

How to Buy (or not to Buy) a Retirement Home

We thought we had all the answers. As a former career counselor, I used my failsafe system for making good decisions when looking for our dream retirement home, just as I had taught my clients for fifteen years. We did years of research, maread more »

Sophomore at 68/ARGHHH…Beginning Again/Wt.Watchers, etc.

Joined weight watchers today (1/19)—have done this “dance” many times.  I also re-joined my ballet (first love) class.  Bought a nutri-bullet and going to buy a treadmill or some other kind of exercise equipment. I loveread more »

My husband is addicted to porn and single dating sites

Hello, I have only been married to my husband for 2 months and I just recently found out he has been talking to a woman he met online. I found text back and forth from them and I’m the text she said she loved him so I asked him if he ever toread more »

Older Man?

I’m apparently “room-mating” with a man I had a relationship with for 6+ years and now that we live together he has no interest. No Hug…WOW a Little kiss, like I give my son, every day! I’m 8 years younger and I’read more »

The Golden Years?

We are all familiar with the term “the golden years”, even though I would be hard pressed to say exactly who coined this phrase and it begs the question: what exactly where they smoking to arrive at this euphoric idea of life after the 5th decread more »

Abusively Noisy Neighbors Hot Conversation

There are people, and I am one of them, who are very bothered by noise.  (Charles Dickens was another.) We moved to eight acres in a rural area to escape noise. But we moved across the road from a miserable woman who is affluent enough to spend hread more »

Just have to put words on to it.

Some of this is a repeat but I think if I wrote it all out I could better move on. My life had a smoothness about it. I have seen some awful days where I had so much depression and sadness that I could hardly climb out of bed. January is always haread more »