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Learn Kegels for Women at a Vagina Spa

Determine the strength of your vagina and get a full checkup at New York’s newest attraction: the vagina spa.read more »

Can Vibrator Use Cause Damage to Your Body?

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Is the Hitachi Magic Wand Really the Best Vibrator?

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Why You Can’t Diet and Exercise Past a Hormone Imbalance

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients (and most women in midlife for that matter) is that they can’t lose weight no matter how much they diet and exercise. This is incredibly frustrating! The thing is, it may not have anytread more »

Am I Overreacting to Husband Trying to Make Me Over Most Liked Hot Conversation

My husband and I have been married for over 30 years and are both in our mid-fifties. My husband started testosterone therapy about a year ago and started feeling younger again. He encouraged me to take BHRT also, which I started a couple of moread more »

When is it Okay for You to Try Vaginal Estrogen Cream?

Isn’t vaginal estrogen cream safer than traditional hormone replacement, or is that just a myth?read more »

Will Pilates Work As Well As Kegel Exercises for Women?

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Should You Ever Buy Used Vibrators for Women?

The title question is not one that's going to arise frequently, but spend enough time on Craigslist and you could find yourself wondering if it's okay to buy used vibrators for women.read more »

FDA to Host Workshop for Female Dryness and Sexual Problems

Women going through menopause face female dryness and other symptoms that turn sexual activity into a pain rather than a pleasure, and the FDA is finally going to do something about it.read more »

Costing Your Boss Money!

I was surprised to see in the medical news a few weeks ago, that someone had tallied up the cost that hot flashes are causing to businesses and insurance companies over the space of a year! Really? It is true that hot flashes can resread more »