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I Meet With a Financial Planner Today

For those of you who know and for those of you that do not, I got a pretty good settlement out of my divorce and it tidied me over for the first year of my divorce and a little more.   I am now turning that magic number when I wread more »

Is there anybody else here…? Most Liked Hot Conversation

I’ve been a member of VN for several years now, and enjoy reading about the issues so many of us have in common – how to make friends in mid-life, dealing with less than ideal relationships, where to find decent clothing suited for ourread more »


yesterday, after almost two years, i handed the signed divorce papers to X.  and i can finally say X in my mind.  that alone is a wonderful feeling, lol. i read the women on this site thru out the two years.  the first weeks, i searched read more »

Redheads Don’t Have to Dye Their Hair

I like to do everything as natural as possible without toxins!  I have for a few years now, used Natural Henna to stain my grey hair back to red.  It works great!  I can buy one bag for one application to my long hair for 95 cents from the Naturead more »

The Happiest Person I know Most Liked Hot Conversation

The happiest person I know is my 86-year-old aunt. She has nothing. She has everything. She lives in a not-nice rundown tiny apartment. She has no good furniture, dishes, expensive clothes, or other things most of us think ofread more »

Out of the Mouths of Babes Hot Conversation

CHAPTER 2 WHEN i FIRST REALIZED i WAS OLD! I have always believed age was just a number, so I shoo shooed any articles that dictated slowing down after age sixty-five. I also ignored articles that exread more »

Moving to Costa Rica! Hot Conversation

Hello, my husband passed away four years ago. Of course that put me in a different income bracket. I am 65, I’ve been thinking of relocating to Costa Rica. My only health problems is depression and bipolar. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, read more »

work and money

I am 48y/o, I need to work now but here in our country di not accept me because of my age. so please help me to find a job.   0 read more »


I like some aspects of my job, but, the ones I despise, are nearly unbearable. There is no room for advancement in my current position, and, I’m not moving up in salary as much as I’d hoped in this stage in my life. No chance read more »

annuities (I am 60) Hot Conversation

I am 60 went to finacncial center and was informed what would be best is put my money (75% ) 401/k and 403B and IRA into an annuity. To draw out 5% in 4yrs and on.  There are fees and I don’t quite understand it full. The 2 consultants sat read more »