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When Lubricant Doesn’t Work for Your Dyspareunia…

Painful sex, or by a more complicated name dyspareunia, is so common among menopausal women that you may be told to use lubricant and go away (in more polite terms). But what if lubricant doesn’t work? When personal moisture isn’t the source oread more »

Anyone else work at home?

I love working from home. Sometimes, though, I need to shut my office door at the end of the day to transition to being “off”. I want to put some king of sign or door knob hanger on my door with a cute/funny way of saying “closedread more »

Does our skin get darker as we age?

I recently read an article in a professional beauty magazine on what makes us look older. The article stated that our lips lose color so some lip color is good to splash on when headed out the door for what ever reason, I agree.  Our eyebrread more »

Is it time for you to try cordless vibrator use?

If you’ve been enjoying vibrator use for more than a few years, you may be savvy enough to know that plug-in vibrators offer a more powerful punch than the cordless variety.read more »

Changes .

My life changed drastically this winter.  I was working and loving what I was doing, and the next moment wasn’t working and feeling a deep sense of loss. A friend’s sister had written a blog titled “Nothing Prepared Me for This.”   Andread more »

Should you use a dilator to cure dyspareunia?

Dyspareunia, painful sex, can change your life…but should you use a dilator in an attempt to treat it?read more »

Somehow we always pay for our pleasure!

Well, after toughing it out for a few months, and spending $$ on all kinds of lubes, I broke down and got the estrogen cream. It cost me $145 and I’m still not sure why I did it. Left myself broke for the rest of the month, but after 12 yearread more »

Don’t confuse vaginal tightening gel with vaginal estrogen cream

Vaginal estrogen cream treats a variety of menopausal symptoms, and it’s available through prescription only – unlike vaginal tightening gel, which you can buy on Amazon.read more »


I know this has been addressed time and time again on this site.  But, here I am trying to find advice.   My son is early 30′s, and just can’t get a handle on his finances.  And I have bailed him out, over and overread more »

Mid life quest complete!

I have completed my mid life quest.  And the best thing is I hold a box in my hands that symbolize the journey’s completion. I now hold in my hands a box that includes a book and Tarot deck that I illustrated The book was written by read more »