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It has been two whole days…and he wants the dog

As you know, I have been blogging on every instance of my life with and without the ex for a while now.   It is true, as I real through the different blogs, lord do I see alot of me with alot of, I did this and he did that! read more »

I admit it! I did it! Most Liked

OK, my divorce if officially done, settled, all loose strings finally wrapped up and tied.   Boy, was I blue, yesterday. Yep! I never have to see him ever again. No kids, no nothin to keep him and I bound by some imaginary strinread more »

I took my flabby arms to beach, and… Most Liked

they had the best day ever! You know I always speak from my truth and from my own experiences.read more »

A little melancholy today

My VN friends, There are times ( like today) that I gets a little sad over what I thought my life was going to be ( those …expectations) I know this normal but I guess I’m wondering how you gals work thru this. After living inread more »

What exactly happened here?

I was at the mall one day feeling down because my career just took the greatest beating of its time and was unexpectedly out of work. I approach the fast food store and asked if I can buy one of their Ketchup satchet because I love having ketread more »

How to Prevent Dyspareunia

If you were to ask 5 women at random, odds are that at least two of them have experienced dyspareunia, otherwise known as painful sex.read more »

Being Disabled Shouldn’t Stop You from Vibrator Use

Living with chronic pain and/or disability can prevent you from doing a lot of things, but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying vibrator use.read more »

How Walls Can Make Your Home a More Cheerful Place

Plain is boring. Monochromatic and empty walls are just so passe. Rooms that follow design and decor to the T are bordering on dull. And tried and tested colors and textures get a thumbs-down. This season, it is all about sprucing up your home decread more »

When Rules Are Made to be Broken

I do not want anyone reading this think that this is the best and most enlightened way in which to settle a score but for me it worked. It has now been 11 months and two weeks since the ink dried on our divorce settlement agreement. read more »

What’s happening TO us is actually happening FOR us

Honestly, have you ever thought why me?  Why is this always happening to me?   Why can’t I lose this weight even though I’m doing all the right things?  Why is the health problem happening NOW?  My job sucks!  My kids, spouse/partner, boread more »