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How to Store Vibrators for Women

If you use vibrators for women, you’ve also got to know how to store them.read more »

Buying Vibrators for Women? Get a Groupon First

Turn to Groupon to find great deals on vibrators for women.read more »

You Should Try Voice-Activated Vibrators for Women

Vibrators for women are breaking another barrier: voice activation.read more »

Vibrators for Women: Need More Power?

Some vibrators for women just can’t get the job done, even when they’re put on the highest setting.read more »

Did You Know That Condoms Can Help With Female Dryness?

Many menopausal women in committed relationships don’t bother with condoms, and that’s a real shame.read more »

My 22 year old (biopolar) son got a 16 year old girlfriend pregnant

I need to vent,cry, and figure out what to do next. My son who is bipolar not on meds and has not been living with us (my paramour and I) for almost 2 years, got his (i just found out) 16 year old pregnant. Our relationship has been ok but not verread more »

Advice on being picked on

I am in my early 60′s and after 10 months of being laid off from an employer who sold the business,  I was happy to be back in the work force.  I work in a moderate size office and know my trade exceptionally well. The agency is owned by aread more »

Trying to start over …. After chemo…

Finished chemo a year and a half ago. Husband passed after his own bout with cancer from suicide almost three years ago. I was lucky enough to go through chemo at my sisters. She and her husband offered to help so I didn’t go through it alonread more »

writing a novel

I would like feedback on the novel I am working on.  Will it be of interest? “Two people playing on line word game…start chatting…through their chats they become friends. They become very comfortable with each other and dread more »

Divorced after 25 years

I got married to who I thought was going to be my spouse for life. We were married 25 years and have 3 older children now. I have had a spending problem but he always earned good money. When things started to get stressful, he became very nasty toread more »