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writing a novel

I would like feedback on the novel I am working on.  Will it be of interest? “Two people playing on line word game…start chatting…through their chats they become friends. They become very comfortable with each other and dread more »

Divorced after 25 years

I got married to who I thought was going to be my spouse for life. We were married 25 years and have 3 older children now. I have had a spending problem but he always earned good money. When things started to get stressful, he became very nasty toread more »

How to Take the Fear out of Menopause

This work I do gives me a bird’s eye view of the spectrum of experiences women go through as they move through menopause. Some journey into this strange land and come out the other side completely unscathed. But then there are the women who watcread more »

So frustrated with being written off at work Most Liked

I’m 54, energetic, strong, and I work in media.  I watch younger women getting opportunities, and I’m feeling passed by.  I am getting to the point where I feel, OK, maybe it’s time to direct my energies and focus elsewread more »

High cholesterol Hot Conversation

How do you lower high cholesterol. I’m already on meds but it’s not working, mine is hereditary. Also high triglycerides. 2 likeread more »

hot flashes

Who has a solution for hot flashes that will actually works.  My daughter had early hysterectomy and  also was diagnosed with a platelet disorder following the birth of her son, almost 13 years ago.  The docs did considerable testing, genetics read more »

Had the weekend of weekends! Hot Conversation

My neighbor, who is 12 years younger than me was kind enough to un-virginize me this past weekend. It has been 5 years so I was beginning to think that I had become a virgin all over again. Not no more. I am truly experienced again.read more »

sad adult child Most Liked

My son has meet with much disappointment in his adult life.  In spite of being a good person and hard worker things never seem to go well for him.  The problem I would like advice on is for me dealing with the sadness of watching him be sad.  Iread more »

Scared of Sex Toys? Try External Vibrator Use

It’s okay if you’ve been a little shy about vibrator use.read more »

Retirement in Sacramento? Most Liked Hot Conversation

I would love to hear opinions about Sacramento as a place for an active single woman to retire.  I like to walk, cycle, create art, and garden. I plan to keep working during retirement. read more »