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Combining Two Single Parent Households into One Happy Dysfunctional Home

Celebrating the fourth month of marriage, after having been happily divorced for eight years, I am finding myself in a pickle.  Previously a single Mom with two daughters now ages 25 and 17.  My adorable husband, formerly a single Dad with a sonread more »

Menopause Myth-Busting 101: The Top 5 Debunked

The average age of menopause is 52...but there's a huge spectrum of experiences out there. Some women sail through with nary a hot flash. But others begin having symptoms like weight gain, irritability, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia in their mid-30'sread more »

no sex

I’m 52 postmenopausal no sex for at least 10 years now in a relationship was more than ready but penetration was not possible i was so embarrassed.  He did a lot including using lubrication it was like there was no opening for penetratiread more »

Enjoy Therapeutic Vibrator Use with the SOL

A new gadget from Revel Body combines the latest in design and technology with ancient spiritual lessons to bring women a new type of vibrator use.read more »

Female Dryness: Make Lubricant Sexy

Almost 40 percent of women aged 57 and older struggle with female dryness.read more »

Ideas for decreasing isolation at work?

I work at a think tank with a group of very introverted people. I talk to people I don’t know in kitchen, hall, restroom … but I can go a whole day without speaking to anyone. The people in my group go into their offices and close the read more »

Oil, Suppositories and Other Female Dryness Treatments You Might Try

When the usual treatment methods aren’t working, or you’re a little more outside-the-box, you’ve got to look for other solutions for female dryness.read more »

Power Your Vibrator Use with Your Smartphone

If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got the right tool to power the new BlueMotion, a device that gives you high-tech vibrator use. The BlueMotion is one of the latest innovations from OhMiBod, and it could be a game-changer. read more »

Out laws

I see my in laws about once or twice a year. I met them last week for an event after not seeing them for 2 years. It was a disaster. They feel that they have a right to question me about my personal life and that their son married beneath thread more »

Too old for home renovation? Hot Conversation

I need opinions. I’m in my middle 50′s. I’m a fortunate person because I own a 4 story brownstone that has no mortgage in an up and coming NYC neighborhood. Many houses are here are going for 1 million plus. The house was oriread more »