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Lois Joy Johnson
What does authentic beauty mean to you?
Fashion & Beauty
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There’s a school of thought that says being authentic means allowing your hair to be whatever color and texture it naturally is and forget about color and styling regimens. Then there’s another school of thought that says being authentic means being true to what feels right and what makes you feel good…and that just might include being blonde rather than gray or spending fifteen minutes with a blow-dryer and flat iron in the morning.

My opinion? Choosing the second path doesn’t make you any less genuine than someone who chooses a more chaste ideal of beauty. Your aesthetic sense of who you are is a choice that remains fluid and flexible—enabling you to decide as you go what to add, refresh, change, or leave behind in the looks department.

While the emotional pull of aging naturally and gracefully provides us with enormous satisfaction, it can also leave us with unrealistic expectations. That’s because our looks, including hair care, matter the same way diet, exercise, and health matter.

What does true beauty mean to you?

Cindy Laverty
Stop Settling for Fine!
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Are you okay with being just fine? I’m not and I’m going to share with you why we should stop settling for fine.  Is fine just a pat answer to avoid looking at how you really are? What does it actually me to be FINE? One of the dictionary’s definitions of fine as it relates to the human condition is – “satisfactory or acceptable.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not happy with satisfactory. When I was struggling with high school physics, satisfactory was GREAT…but for life, NO…I don’t want to be fine. I want to be real and authentic and live BIG and in order to do that, I have to make a decision every, single day to not settle for FINE!

Fine says that you’re okay with the status quo. Are you?

Fine says that you’re okay with things staying the same. Are you?

Fine says you’re okay with everything just the way it is. Are you?

Some people are perfectly okay with fine, but there’s so much more on the horizon waiting for the individual who doesn’t want a fine life.

What happens if you settle for fine? Only you can answer that question, but take a moment and really think about it.  For me…I’d rather disappear than to just live a fine life. Fine is for someone who’s content to “just go along”…never have an opinion…never set boundaries…never explore passion or desire…never get uncomfortable. Fine doesn’t ask much of us.

Too many women who are living a fine life. We’re taught not to rock the boat. We’re taught to fit in. We’re taught to just be okay. And that’s what we settle for until.. fine doesn’t work anymore. On the day that happens to you, everything changes, because you’re no longer content with the status quo. There will be a voice that says,”Go be YOU. Go out into the world and do what you were meant to do!” And pretty soon, you won’t be able to ignore it.

Here’s how to set Fine free…

1. Step up and declare it! “I’m no longer content with Fine!”

2. Decide what it is that needs to be changed.

3. You have to get comfortable with what’s uncomfortable. Change requires us to be uncomfortable.

4. Accept where you are right now because everything that you’ve ever done has meaning and relevance and has shaped who you are.

5. Take small steps each day towards your new way of living your life and be gentle with yourself.

Leaving fine behind does not happen overnight. You’ll have days of happiness and sadness and bliss and frustration and days when you’re just GREAT. But FINE won’t be an option.

Here’s a good exercise to get you started. Grab your journal and quickly write all the ways that you allow fine to enter your life. And then once you’re finished with that, highlight one thing on your list that you won’t allow to be fine anymore; and then make a decision to start changing that.

If you want more inspiration, go here and grab a copy of Becoming a Lionhearted Woman.

Live BIG!



Dr. Anna Garrett
5 Ways to Make Peace with Skin Changes in Menopause
Healthy Living
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One of my Hormone Harmony Club members recently had a hysterectomy. Within 4 weeks, she was posting questions about how to address the skin changes she was already starting to notice…wrinkles, sagging and dryness.

With the exception of puberty, there is no more challenging time for your skin than when you go through menopause (or in this case, instant menopause caused by the hysterectomy). Roller coaster hormones make all kinds of skin problems fair game in this time of your life.

With estrogen on the wane as menopause progresses, testosterone steps up to wreak havoc when it comes to what’s happening on your face. Surges of testosterone cause acne on your face, neck, back and chest. Stress also creates contributes to changing hormone levels and may make you more likely to break out.

While testosterone muscles up on the acne front, decreasing estrogen is working to break down your collagen and elastin and thin the dermis, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. You may also notice that your skin lacks the glow that it once had and that broken capillaries are appearing just below the surface of your skin. Hair becomes thinner and nails may break more easily.

So, what’s a gal to do? While these problems may seem like big obstacles to overcome, there are some simple things you can do to restore balance to your body and your skin.


Exercise increases your circulation and gets oxygen to your tissues. Not only will you feel better, but your skin will thank you.

Eat Clean

Approximately 30 percent the calories you consume should be from carbohydrates, and of those carbohydrates, the majority should come from fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals. Forty percent of your diet should be in the form of lean protein, and 30 percent from healthy fats. Keep salt to a minimum to avoid fluid retention.


Our bodies are mostly water. And our skin is our biggest organ. Makes sense, then, that you need lots of water to keep your skin healthy. Aim for at least ½ oz. per pound of body weight. This will flush your system and help your skin reclaim its glow.


The likelihood of skin cancer goes up as you age, especially if you were an “iodine and baby oil” teenager (you know who you are). Daily use of a broad-spectrum SPF is a must in all skincare regimens, but avoid sunscreen that contains hormone disruptors (avobenzone and oxybenzone).

Choose Cosmetics and Skin Care Wisely

As important as what goes into your body is what goes on your body. Choosing a skincare regimen that is right for you is vital. Look for products that use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. You can find out more about the safety of your cosmetic products at

I also recommend having a consultation with a holistic aesthetician who can guide you in the use of herbs and oils for your skin. This can save you a LOT of money in the long run AND keep your skin looking beautiful.

I’m so confused
Family & Relationships
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Would a husband of 23 yrs, who you are renewing your vows with, Do everything he can to show he loves you but still have an affair, even if its just an emotional one online?

Lisa Copeland, The Dating Coach Who Makes Finding Love After 50 Fun and Easy!
3 Oversights That Are Killing Your Over 50’s Dating Life—And What You Can Do To Get It Rockin’ Again
Love & Sex
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bored woman on a date1.     Dating falls flat when your dating mojo is missing…

As confident as you might feel at work – and why wouldn’t you be? You’ve been doing it forever and you’ve learned the tools and developed the resources that makes you good at what you do – this confidence doesn’t translate to how you might feel today as a woman over 50 stepping into the dating world.

Yikes…this part of your life means having to meet new men who might judge you or not like you.  Pretty scary!

I’ve had clients who were powerhouses in their chosen fields.  If you asked them what their confidence level was on a scale from 1-10, it would be 10+++ but asked the same question about dating, the number often plummeted to 2 or even into negative numbers.

As we all know, our bodies and our faces have changed with age.  In such a youth oriented culture, it’s easy to forget just how amazing you really are at this time in your life.

And you really are! You have wisdom and a passion for life from knowing who you are and what you bring to the world.

This is called inner beauty and it’s something that makes you glow from the inside out enhancing your outer beauty. This whole package is something young women don’t have yet.

It’s also something men are highly attracted to in the women they want to date.  Your job is to find your inner beauty and bring it out into the world for all to see.


2. You’re only looking for a George Clooney type of guy who is handsome and rich and yet, you’re finding his clone doesn’t exist…

Last time you dated, chances are the guys you were attracted to looked a lot different than those faces you see online today.

The men of our youth were young, hot, had longer hair, toned bodies and handsome faces.  Where are they now?  Well, I’ll let you in on a secret… they are the over 50’s men you see online with grey hair, glasses and bellies who want to date you.

And what you are probably thinking when you look at them is, my friends tell me I look young and these men look so old.

George and the men who look like him have one thing going for them you can see right away…they are handsome on the outside.  But it doesn’t mean they are great guys on the inside.  That’s a story we’ve made up about the beautiful people.  If they are beautiful, they must be the best.

It’s not necessarily true. What’s in a man’s heart and how he treats a woman is what really counts. Some of those older looking, grey haired, fuddy duddies are amazing men that women pass over daily.

They may be far more fun, caring and loving than you think.  Turn your over 50’s dating life around by giving one of them a chance.  He may turn out to be a great catch.


3. You expect to feel instant chemistry to go out with a man again…

Want to know what chemistry really is?  It’s a hormonal release that started back in the caveman days.  It meant this person was a potential mate for making strong babies that could survive the brutal elements of the time.

It’s useful even today for young adults who are looking for a mate to build a life with including children, the dog and the house.

But over 50’s dating is different. This part of your life is not about building like it was in your 20’s. It’s about finding someone to share a good life with who will make a great companion for you. And who will be there to support you and you support him…through both the good times and the challenging times that can come with aging.

It’s worth adding this quality into the equation for figuring out your attraction factor after 50.

I’d love to show you how to jumpstart your dating life.  It doesn’t have to be as hard as you might be making it.  If this is something you’d like to do, click the link to find out more about how you can make dating after 50 far more fun and easy.


Until next time~

To your dating success! Lisa