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Dyspareunia: Is the pain in your head, or your uterus?

Dyspareunia, painful sex, is a symptom that can be caused by a wide variety of different conditions.read more »


So i’m blessed with bowed legs and worsening varicose veins. In the summer it’s capris or bermudas. I’ve tried leg makeup for the veins and work out to try to build up my calf muscles. Should I care really? read more »

How much should a breast reduction cost – and how can you pay the bill?

Once you've decided that breast reduction surgery is right for you and you've researched and found a qualified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, you'll need a plan for paying the bill.read more »

Nobody Told Me I’d be Too Tired to Pick Up the Remote Most Liked Hot Conversation

I turned fifty and got hit with both menopause and the sleepy stick. I had been warned about the menopausal rages, the hot flashes and the drying skin. But nobody mentioned the fact that getting off the couch would become the equivalent of an Olympiread more »

Why I prefer to have cosmetic surgery done overseas

"Varicose veins, liposuction, eye/face lifts, you name it - it’s easy to find reliable, first-class medical care around the world." ~ Fran Youngread more »

Anti-wrinkle face cream can’t prevent aging caused by your diet

Your diet can do more to hurt – or help – your skin than even the best anti-wrinkle face cream on the market.read more »

Vein Vanity!

Every time I see an ad for a vein clinic, I hesitate. I was really bothered when a friend of mine said she was going to a clinic to have all her protruding leg veins removed. What is the point of being perfect? Of having perfect legs? read more »

A Spiritual Thing.

read more »

Realistic vibrators for women

It’s always fun to have bright pink vibrators for women, or those little devices that are disguised to look like lipstick tubes and other everyday objects.read more »

self tanners Most Liked Hot Conversation

The nurse went on for several minutes before I finally told her I did not lie in tanning beds. I went on to tell her I got my "nice tan" out of a bottle. She 'bout fell over! She couldn't believe it! So, yes, it looks like the real thing.read more »