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Husband’s PSA tested very high
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My husband’s PSA tested very high in the annual physical.  His doctor put him on antibotics for three months saying it was an infection much like a urinary track infection.  I’m worried, if it is cancer three months is a long time to wait.  I don’t was to alarm my husband by suggesting a second opinion now.  Any thoughts on this?

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Do Vibrators for Women Cause Urinary Tract Infections?
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The vagina and the urinary tract are pretty close together, and one can affect the other, but does that mean vibrators for women can cause urinary tract infections?

Vibrator Use and Your Urinary Tract

Some women may avoid vibrator use altogether because they’re afraid of getting a urinary tract infection. They aren’t just being overly-cautious. There is some basis to this fear.

When bacteria gets into the vagina, this can create an infection. If the bacteria somehow comes into contact with the vulva or the urethra, where the urine exist the body, that bacteria may travel up the urethra and cause a urinary tract infection. That all sounds pretty awful, but this type of infection can be avoided. If you do get a urinary tract infection, it can be treated.

So what about your vibrator use? Vibrators for women, just like anything else, can become dirty. They may get bacteria on them. If you then insert that vibrator into your body, then yes. You may get an infection. However, it’s not the vibrator’s fault. It’s the bacteria’s fault. Instead of getting rid of your vibrators for women, you need to get rid of the bacteria that’s causing these problems.

Clean Vibrators for Women

Almost 10 million women get urinary tract infections every single year, so this problem is actually quite common. A UTI, as they’re known, can be treated with a course of antibiotics. If you notice frequent or painful urination, you may have an infection. Consult with your physician and get it treated.

The next step is figuring out how to avoid getting another infection. First, clean your vibrator before and after every single use. Vibrators for women may collect lint, dust, hair and other bits of debris even while sitting in a drawer, so you should always give yours a cleaning before and after use. For most vibrators, soapy water is sufficient for getting the design clean. Use an antibacterial soap, and rinse thoroughly after you’re done cleaning. Pat your vibrator dry with a clean, dry cloth prior to use. Before enjoying vibrator use, make sure your hands are clean as well.

A clean vibrator can be used without fear. If you continue to keep your tool clean, your vibrator will not give you a urinary tract infection. Vibrators for women are perfectly safe and healthy when they’re used in a safe way. No. Vibrators for women don’t cause urinary tract infections, but improperly using vibrators can lead to an infection.

Mesh sling for stress incontinence
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Has anyone had to have their mesh sling removed because it was too tight and caused urinary retention? I’v been getting urniary tract infections and finally found out after seeing many doctors that it was due to the mesh sling. Now I have to have a revision surgery.

Steps to Take to Improve Urinary Incontinence
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I understand, you can’t do your jumping jacks any longer. Or cough in public, laugh uproariously; or take up running. Menopause can be so unfair to some of us. I know. For some reason, when I was starting to go through menopause; I could no longer run with my dog without leaking my urine. I was ok without the dog, sort of.

UI is a common part of menopause, but it is not always considered normal. Having had childbirth definitely increases the chances due to the stretching of pregnancy and childbirth. The falling estrogen levels then cause the strength of the muscle holding back urine, to weaken. The increase of pressure of coughing, laughing, jumping up and down; causes more pressure than these muscles can resist against.

What can you do?

Definitely remind yourself to urinate frequently to keep your bladder as empty as possible. Don’t avoid drinking liquids because of this problem, dehydration causes a lot of other issues!

You may have to give up some of the more vigorous bouncing exercises for a little while. A colleague recommended putting in a tampon before exercise. This sort of squishes the urethra closed. Just don’t forget to take it out!

Kegel exercises can help, and these are easily found on the internet. Basically, you practice squeezing the muscle used to control urine tight for a count of 3, hold for 3 then release. Repeat this 10-20 times as many times a week you can remember. Be careful not to squeeze the other muscles in the area like buttocks, thighs and abdomen. To find the right muscle, next time you are sitting on the commode, tighten those muscles you use to prevent urination. Or, as on specialist site recommends; imagine you are sitting on a marble and want to pick it up with the lips of your vagina. Those are the muscles you need to use, if you can imagine this action!

Stress incontinence is one of the more common causes of urinary incontinence, but there are several other causes that need evaluation by a specialist. If the above measures do not help, you may need to see a urogynecologist for testing and treatment.

Like everything else in menopause, it should pass with time and practice at control.

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Female Dryness Creates Other Symptoms, Too
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Female dryness is such a common side effect of menopause, many women attempt to ignore it. But there are other symptoms that can come with dryness, and these may be impossible for you to ignore.

Female Dryness and You

Vaginal dryness is one of the most common symptoms of menopause, though many women don’t discuss it. Studies show that women are reluctant to talk about their personal moisture even with their doctors. The dryness is a natural result of lack of estrogen in your body. Your vaginal walls become thinner and dryer, and this can cause dyspareunia – painful sex. When you’re dry, sex isn’t going to feel as pleasurable. This is one of the worst side effects of female dryness, but it’s not the only one.

  • Bleeding: Dry skin can become torn and damaged easily. Make sure your partner knows to be slow and gentle with you to avoid painful tears and rips that create vaginal bleeding.
  • Soreness: You may feel a general aches or soreness, even when you aren’t engaged in sexual intercourse. Female dryness can create feelings of pain any time if you leave it untreated.
  • Irritation: Without proper moisture, your vagina could easily become irritated. This will make your skin sensitive to the touch and may even make it painful for you to sit normally.
  • Urinary tract infection: All that irritation and lack of lubrication can lead to a urinary tract infection. Many menopausal women find themselves getting these infections much more frequently than they did prior to menopause.

Lack of lubrication also puts you at a higher risk for bacterial problems, which can cause yeast infections and other side effects.

Treating the Problem

Female dryness can cause many painful symptoms, but you don’t want to get bogged down in treating them day-to-day. Treat the dryness instead of the symptoms, and that other stuff should go away. You have several options when it comes to managing this type of dryness, and living with it isn’t one of them. There is no reason that you should feel pain or avoid sex even as you go through menopause. A healthy sex life is possible for many more years yet.

Over-the-counter lubricants have proven very effective at treating female dryness of all types. Use water-based lubricants to avoid the risk of bacterial infection caused by oil-based formulas. Vaginal estrogen cream delivers a low dose of estrogen directly to the vaginal walls, but this can be obtained only through prescription. Some women find that foreplay and sex play are enough to get natural juices flowing again.

Look into various remedies to find what works for you best, because you shouldn’t have to live with dryness or the symptoms it causes.