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Son’s bitterness over “no life”

My 34 yr old son made a promise to his grandpa that he would take care of his grandmother after his passing..(as well as I did)  After his grandfather’s death my son met a girl and had a 5 yr relationship which just recently broke up. read more »

What you need to know before having a chemical peel

A chemical peel can freshen your face, eliminate dead skin cells and give you a brand-new glow…but that’s not all it does.read more »

Husband addicted to porn sites Hot Conversation

I have been married for 19 years. I met my husband when he was 20. He had magazines and vcr tapes at that time of porn. I didn’t think much of it because he was 20. I never really liked the fact he would watch without me, I found it dis-respread more »

sexless marriage…

I just read the story of G which is a wonderful story how it turned out.read more »

Sibling issues – Mom issue?

My son who is 25 has decided that he doesn’t approve of who his sister (age 17) is dating and now has decided he no longer has a sister.  Even if she breaks up with this guy, he says he no longer wants to know her.  He is not speakread more »

Journey to Discovering My Purpose in Life – With Chickens Most Liked

This young woman, half my age, has opened my eyes to what is most important to me. She has shown me that the only way I am going to find the peace and contentment I yearn for in my own life is to start living it –now!read more »

What to eat at midlife: Don’t get rid of fat, just go wheat-free

Eliminating fat from your diet eliminates necessary nutrients from your body, and may have negative effects on your body.read more »

Courage to Speak

Recently I attended an informal  woman’s fibre  group I belong too. One of the women is the self appointed photographer of the group. She is also very opinionated and tends to impose her ideas on everyone in the group.  I had worn a sweatread more »

my grandchildren

I have 3 grandchildren and 1 step grandchild by my 1 son. Recently he separated from my youngest grandson’s mother and the other 2 got shipped off to California to live with their mother’s friend. The mother of the first 2 is in the miread more »

Clothes for women over 50: What to wear at work to look professional and feel comfortable Most Liked

A lot of women’s clothing isn’t made for comfort, it’s made for style.read more »