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A Complaint Choir For Single Women: why not?

Found in Chicago, Tokyo, Helsinki, Philadelphia, Jerusalem, Singapore, Seattle, Istanbul, and seemingly everywhere else, complaint choirs are based on the tongue-in-cheek premise that complaining is creative, so it should have its own artsread more »

Seniors, Romance, and Frugality

I have met the enemy, and it is Frugality – by which I do NOT mean that I am warring against the careful use of financial resources in economically troubled times (I am just as repelled by Kim Kardashian-style excess as you are). No, I speak of a kread more »

Singles who live in 55+ Communities: Let Us Hear From You

Are you single and living in Kevorkian Estates? Other readers want to hear from you!A few days ago I wrote this article about how much I love living in a 55+ community.read more »

Your Questions about Senior Sex

When I give a talk about sex at midlife, my favorite part is answering your questions. Here are some of the most frequent questions and topics you've been sharing.read more »