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This may be the world’s weirdest vibrator for women
Love & Sex
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Vibrators for women are no longer being made with realism in mind. Where designs of the past were made to resemble actual male anatomy, newer design trends have led to the creation of smaller, sleeker vibrators for women. For the woman who wants to put realism back into sex play, this rather strange new vibrator is the perfect choice.

The Ejaculating Vibrator

Seriously, vibrators for women aren’t likely to get more real than this. It’s a rabbit vibrator that’s designed to rotate and ejaculate, so you can actually simulate the entire sexual experience if you like. This device really has no medical application whatsoever; it’s just for the girl who wants to take her vibrator play time up to the next level.

To make things simple, it’s known as the ejaculating and rotating rabbit vibrator, which should be fairly easy to remember if you’re thinking about all the features. It can be filled with the liquid of your choice, and water is most certainly the safest and the cleanest. Use anything else, and you run into messy cleaning issues that you may not want to face on second thought.

You control the ejaculation, which puts this vibrator completely ahead if the curve where men are concerned. The 7 different vibration modes allow you to control the experience. The shaft itself moves and gyrates. It has 6 different rotation speeds, which is more settings than a lot of men out there. The realistic design stands apart from other newer toys on the market, and that makes it a different vibrator experience.

This unusual vibrator for women also lights up during use, just an extra feature for fun. It runs on four AA batteries. Altogether, it measures 9 inches long and has a 3.75-inch insertable length. The insertable diameter is 1.51 inches. The design is made with a combination of ABS and TPR.

Ready to buy yet? Save money with a Groupon coupon to make exploration cheaper and easier. Isn’t the best vibrator the one that’s on sale?

A World of Weird Vibrators for Women

An ejaculating vibrator seems a little strange, and maybe even off-putting, but all new vibrators for women are a little suspect until you try them. Essentially all vibrators are designed to simulate a sexual experience. This one just has an extra feature you’re not going to find in many models. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get experimental with your sex toys, this may be the best vibrator for you.

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The Way You Delivered Your Kids Affects Your Dyspareunia Risk
Love & Sex
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A new study shows that some women are more prone to experiencing dyspareunia than others, and it all has something to do with the way you gave birth.

Studying Dyspareunia

In a new study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, several risk factors for dyspareunia are discovered. Dyspareunia, painful sex, is very common in menopausal women. It’s just more common in menopausal women who have been through a specific experience.

The study investigated specific obstetric factors in women, including how they delivered their children. Breastfeeding, postpartum depression and several other criterion were studied as part of the research. The women answered extensive questions, some highly personal, in order to help scientists collect accurate data about this all-too-common problem.

Mothers from six hospitals, 1244 in all, participated in the study. Of the women studied, many noticed pain during or after sex. Women who had surgical procedures during childbirth experienced pain during sex for up to one year following the procedure.

Scientists are still studying the long-term effects of childbirth operations and dyspareunia, but the numbers aren’t looking great so far.

If you’re in a high-risk group for painful sex, don’t panic. There are many ways to treat this problem to make it more manageable, and one of the ways is not that you should stop having sex.

Painful Sex

Dyspareunia is one of the most common menopause symptoms that women face as they go through this phase of life, yet many of them don’t discuss the problem. This can make you feel isolated and alone, like you’re the only one who’s going through this. It can make you feel that something is wrong with you, and it will almost certainly make you feel older than you want to feel.

One of the easiest ways to treat dyspareunia is lubricant. Water-based formulas are perfectly safe even for insertion into the body. Use the lubricant before sex and any other time you want to feel a bit more moist. Apply it directly to the vagina to immediately treat female dryness and prevent dyspareunia.

Lubricant can be applied to vibrators for women and even to your partner as well. Incorporate the lubricant into your sex play. Applying the lubricant can be sexy if you get your partner involved. Female dryness is very normal, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and your partner doesn’t want you to feel pain. Involve them and talk to them, and you may find that they’re instrumental in helping you overcome dyspareunia.

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Remote Control Your Vibrator Use
Love & Sex
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Vibrator use is supposed to be relaxing, and it should definitely be easy. But sometimes, it’s not. Many vibrators for women have to be controlled through hand held use. You’ve got to position yourself just so to get everything in the right place, and you may even need to shift around the whole time. How is that relaxing? Remote control your vibrator use instead.

Remote Control Vibrators for Women

When you want a more hands-off vibrator experience, remote controlled vibrators for women are the best possible option. These types of vibrators are made to be worn, not wielded. Once they’re in place, simply use the remote control to set the speed and the settings that you want. The remote allows you to make changes in a moment when you want to mix things up.

Remote controlled vibrators for women are often designed to be worn as underwear, only with a special apparatus. You can actually wear it all the time, even when you go out, because it won’t activate until you use the controller to do so.

The Club Vibe 2.OH is a rechargeable vibrator that’s made to be worn casually when not in use. It’s wireless, and has 5 different intensity levels. The remote control has a range of 15 to 20 feet, which invites even more play. That means you can actually give the remote to a partner and allow them to have control. Couples vibrator use is a good way to explore your own sexuality and integrate your partner into your sex play.

Other vibrators for women are getting into the remote control game via the app market. Certain vibrator models have their own specialized apps that are downloaded from the big app stores. Through this, you can control your vibrator use without even using an extra device. Some of the apps even do more than control your vibrators. OhMiBod is working on an Android app that will have sexting features as well.

Using Bluetooth technology, the vibrator can be powered by smartphone easily. Vibrators for women are getting more high-tech and sophisticated all the time, and that’s great news for vibrant women everywhere. Even Walgreen’s has remote control vibrators, which you can purchase through their online website.

When you just want to lie back and relax and still stay in complete control, try remote vibrator use. Vibrators for women have a lot of different features and extras to offer. Try them all, or else you might be missing out on your next favorite thing.

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Female Dryness Creates Other Symptoms, Too
Love & Sex
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Female dryness is such a common side effect of menopause, many women attempt to ignore it. But there are other symptoms that can come with dryness, and these may be impossible for you to ignore.

Female Dryness and You

Vaginal dryness is one of the most common symptoms of menopause, though many women don’t discuss it. Studies show that women are reluctant to talk about their personal moisture even with their doctors. The dryness is a natural result of lack of estrogen in your body. Your vaginal walls become thinner and dryer, and this can cause dyspareunia – painful sex. When you’re dry, sex isn’t going to feel as pleasurable. This is one of the worst side effects of female dryness, but it’s not the only one.

  • Bleeding: Dry skin can become torn and damaged easily. Make sure your partner knows to be slow and gentle with you to avoid painful tears and rips that create vaginal bleeding.
  • Soreness: You may feel a general aches or soreness, even when you aren’t engaged in sexual intercourse. Female dryness can create feelings of pain any time if you leave it untreated.
  • Irritation: Without proper moisture, your vagina could easily become irritated. This will make your skin sensitive to the touch and may even make it painful for you to sit normally.
  • Urinary tract infection: All that irritation and lack of lubrication can lead to a urinary tract infection. Many menopausal women find themselves getting these infections much more frequently than they did prior to menopause.

Lack of lubrication also puts you at a higher risk for bacterial problems, which can cause yeast infections and other side effects.

Treating the Problem

Female dryness can cause many painful symptoms, but you don’t want to get bogged down in treating them day-to-day. Treat the dryness instead of the symptoms, and that other stuff should go away. You have several options when it comes to managing this type of dryness, and living with it isn’t one of them. There is no reason that you should feel pain or avoid sex even as you go through menopause. A healthy sex life is possible for many more years yet.

Over-the-counter lubricants have proven very effective at treating female dryness of all types. Use water-based lubricants to avoid the risk of bacterial infection caused by oil-based formulas. Vaginal estrogen cream delivers a low dose of estrogen directly to the vaginal walls, but this can be obtained only through prescription. Some women find that foreplay and sex play are enough to get natural juices flowing again.

Look into various remedies to find what works for you best, because you shouldn’t have to live with dryness or the symptoms it causes.

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Did You Know That Condoms Can Help With Female Dryness?
Love & Sex
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Many menopausal women in committed relationships don’t bother with condoms, and that’s a real shame. Condoms are an easy option for managing female dryness, and you don’t have to do much to make this treatment work. It’s much less messy than lubricant, safer for your health than vaginal estrogen cream and it’s got some added benefits to go along with it.

Female and Male Condoms

Have you ever heard of female condoms? The female condom, also known as the internal condom, is made with synthetic latex. Internal condoms are designed with two rings, one at either end. The inner ring is used to insert the condom into the vagina and keep it in place. The outer ring covers the labia area. There are several types of female condoms on the market, but most follow this basic design.

There are tons of advantages to using female condoms. For starters, you don’t need an erect penis in order to use them. You can insert the condom hours before actual sexual intercourse, which allows you to engage in sex play with no interruptions.

Female condoms also help you avoid the pain and problems associated with female dryness. They surround your vagina with a barrier, and this makes the friction of sex less painful. Because of the material used to make female condoms, you can use lubricants with these condoms without worrying about breakage. Male condoms often cannot be used with lubricant, unless you’re using a special type of condoms.

Male condoms can be purchased pre-lubricated, however, and this can also prevent any problems you’re having with female dryness. Many women don’t like male condoms, the more common type of condoms, because it takes the control out of their hands. Female condoms offer another option.

Condoms and Other Female Dryness Options

Condoms of either type can help you manage female dryness without the messiness of lubricants. Instead of stopping sexual activity to apply your lubricant, you can simply keep going without breaking the mood. A pause in sexual activity can actually make female dryness worse, because it prevents juices from flowing (so to speak). Vaginal estrogen creams can also be messy, and you must apply them well before any sexual activity so that you do not transfer the hormones to your partner.

Lubricants and vaginal estrogen cream can treat female dryness, but they fail to do something that condoms can: protect you from STIs. Sexually transmitted infections are increasingly becoming a problem among menopausal women. You may not be able to get pregnant anymore, but you can absolutely get an STI. Condoms will not only prevent vaginal dryness, they also keep you sexually safer. If you are enjoying different partners, condoms may be the very best option for your female dryness.