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What happened to dreams and passion?

Hello, I’ve been a member for over a year but have been preoccupied with personal business matters that took up all my time. It is just now that I am able to resume thinking about some things that I needed to put down in order in order to aread more »

How to Store Vibrators for Women

If you use vibrators for women, you’ve also got to know how to store them.read more »

Buying Vibrators for Women? Get a Groupon First

Turn to Groupon to find great deals on vibrators for women.read more »

Why Making Friends with Your Girls May Save Your Life

Breast self-exam (BSE) is widely promoted as a practice that helps women find breast cancer early. The idea is that finding it early will save lives. There’s just one problem: No study ever has found that BSE reduces read more »

This Mother-in-Law Thing

I flunked Mother-in-law 101.  I got F’s in every effort I make from two daughter-in-laws.  I apparently am insensitive, unworthy, and in particular I do not give at least one of them enough cold hard cash–I guess.  I have to guess bread more »

Why Can’t I Lose Weight??? Step 1: Conquering Cortisol with 3 Simple (But Powerful) Lifestyle Practices

There you are, day after day, barely eating enough to keep a bird alive and exercising like a crazy woman.read more »

Infidelity after 30 years.Was there any love there? Hot Conversation

I am going through painful divorce after 30 years of marriage.  I do not understand why I am still grieving when this person destroyed me financially, emotionally and in all aspects. In 2008 he came one day home and announced that he wanted alwayread more »

Get a Pocket-Friendly Home Garden

Synthetic grass may have been around for more than 45 years but it is only now that it has begun to read more »

Am I wrong for feeling I deserve some sort of compensation?

I left my day job many years ago to become self employed.  My husband and I own a small family farm and it has been very tough financially.  To make matters worse, working with my husband is also difficult — especially because he iread more »

how to vacation

ok.. here’s my dilima.. I’ve never had a vacation.. as a kids my parents went to see relatives.. not fun.. as no time to waste to get there and no fun once there. when my kids were small our get aways were a weekend to the coast or disread more »