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Experiencing dyspareunia? Maybe it was something you ate

Dyspareunia, painful sex, could be caused by the foods you’re eating.read more »

What happened to the huge, pink vibrators for women?

If you’ve ever cried out “that’s not a vibrator!” while shopping for sex toys, then you have also noticed a recent phenomenon when it comes to vibrators for women.read more »

Mid life quest complete!

I have completed my mid life quest.  And the best thing is I hold a box in my hands that symbolize the journey’s completion. I now hold in my hands a box that includes a book and Tarot deck that I illustrated The book was written by read more »

He’s Backkkkkkk! Hot Conversation

So the ex was in CA for six months on a high paying job, leaving his stuff here in an apartment.   Got a call from him where I asked where he was. He told me CA. During our telephone conversation he was willing to call in some mread more »


Has any one filed for a divorce without a lawyer? Unsure on this but he doesn’t want it to cost a lot of money, not sure if this is an excuse when last week he agreed to see this lawyer today. Had to cancel for weather related reasons. Now tread more »


Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe my first line of thinking when I heard Steve Martin tell a story about a colonoscopy party that he, Martin Short, Tom Hanks,(and someone that I can’t remember), had participated in. Yuck! What were tread more »

Early Menopause

I am sitting here reading the posts about menopause and I feel for you but you should be grateful you have a site like this.  When I was 26 (I am now 61) I was having stomach pains and was having both positive and negitive pregnency tests so I weread more »

So hard to say no!

Son is in foreign country, wants to stay there but needs the help of an immigration consultant to get a work visa. Which equals at least two thousand dollars. He is out of funds and wonders if we could help him. He is in his thirties, loves that cread more »

comfortable bras

I’ve used Creative Women the Wizzare of bras for years. They offer all sizes and also mastometicy bras. Creative Woman, The Wizare of bras1530 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA. 91016 1-888-504-9754, they offer fittings, but will also shipread more »


I have two ‘blood’ grandchildren both from the same son’s family. I have had for several years had a constant dilemma with gifts for these two awesome kids. WHAT DO I GET THEM FOR CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAYS??????   You ask whread more »