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Misgivings about daughter’s upcoming wedding

Hello! Here is the essence of my question: when have I said all I can? My daughter is 26, has college degrees with no debt, has a heart of gold, is loving giving and caring. She has been living at home to ” save money” for impending maread more »

Discernment Counseling (Pre-Divorce)

We are in the process of a relatively new type of counseling called Discernment.  This is to help you decide if you want to 1) get a divorce or 2) put divorce on the backburner and revisit in 6 months or 3) work hard to save the marriage and enteread more »

What happened to dreams and passion? Most Liked Hot Conversation

Hello, I’ve been a member for over a year but have been preoccupied with personal business matters that took up all my time. It is just now that I am able to resume thinking about some things that I needed to put down in order in order to aread more »

How to Store Vibrators for Women

If you use vibrators for women, you’ve also got to know how to store them.read more »

Buying Vibrators for Women? Get a Groupon First

Turn to Groupon to find great deals on vibrators for women.read more »

Why Making Friends with Your Girls May Save Your Life

Breast self-exam (BSE) is widely promoted as a practice that helps women find breast cancer early. The idea is that finding it early will save lives. There’s just one problem: No study ever has found that BSE reduces read more »

This Mother-in-Law Thing

I flunked Mother-in-law 101.  I got F’s in every effort I make from two daughter-in-laws.  I apparently am insensitive, unworthy, and in particular I do not give at least one of them enough cold hard cash–I guess.  I have to guess bread more »

Why Can’t I Lose Weight??? Step 1: Conquering Cortisol with 3 Simple (But Powerful) Lifestyle Practices

There you are, day after day, barely eating enough to keep a bird alive and exercising like a crazy woman.read more »

Infidelity after 30 years.Was there any love there? Hot Conversation

I am going through painful divorce after 30 years of marriage.  I do not understand why I am still grieving when this person destroyed me financially, emotionally and in all aspects. In 2008 he came one day home and announced that he wanted alwayread more »

Get a Pocket-Friendly Home Garden

Synthetic grass may have been around for more than 45 years but it is only now that it has begun to read more »