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Depressed ? Son— how do I help? Hot Conversation

My son, 23, graduated from University in Dec 2014. For the past two years he developed an online part time business which generated a pretty decent income for a college kid. He is trying to parlay this into a full time career. He as developed terread more »

his ex is everywhere

I’m divorced and so is my boyfriend.  We’ve been dating for a year and a half. We both had long marriages, we both have 2 grown children .  My problem is his ex.  They divorced 6 years ago…she left him.  They grew up togetread more »

Not interested in sex….I am alone in that? Most Liked Hot Conversation

I’m 67 years old.  Two years separated from an emotionally abusive man after 37  years of marriage.  But I don’t think that’s the point.  I’m really just not interested in having a sexual relationship and I don’t read more »

How to Get out of a Marriage that is Sucking the Life out of You Most Liked Hot Conversation

I have read so many of your stories concerning unhappy marriages and divorce after 30+ years and they have inspired me.  But for some reason (fear mainly of what I am not completely sure), I am stuck and can’t seem to move forward.   I feel cread more »

Is there anybody else here…? Most Liked Hot Conversation

I’ve been a member of VN for several years now, and enjoy reading about the issues so many of us have in common – how to make friends in mid-life, dealing with less than ideal relationships, where to find decent clothing suited for ourread more »

So, a great guy…a year..but Hot Conversation

My honey and I just fiished a year. Kind of a horrible year..my son died. He had job challenges. But we made it, tight as a couple. In love.   I had some doubts…all of his future scenarios after retirement in 9 years didn&read more »

Book For Parents with Adult Children

If you have an adult child that hurts your feelings and you don’t know why, please read this wonderful book!   Walking on Eggshells Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents. Author-Janread more »

Sisters in law

i remarried at 46 yrs. of age to a wonderful man who is a farmer. He comes from a good family in a small community. I was raised in a town 20 minutes from here in a town of 38,000. In ’76 I moved to a metro city and lived for 21 years until read more »

Women Against Women

We have all been there: —the daughter-in-law who controls and doesn’t want her son to continue a relationship with us —the woman at work who snipes and manipulates to advance her career at the expense of other womenread more »

How to Buy (or not to Buy) a Retirement Home Hot Conversation

We thought we had all the answers. As a former career counselor, I used my failsafe system for making good decisions when looking for our dream retirement home, just as I had taught my clients for fifteen years. We did years of research, maread more »