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Making Out! Way underrated!

After being married for 17 years, and separated for 14 months, I finally have started a new romantic relationship. OMG. I had forgotten just how delicious making out can be! Last night my new BF made me dinner, and we hung out at his place listeniread more »

Leaving Baltimore

My last Friday Message from Baltimore ..   Ok, it’s Saturday – my laptop is set up on a TV tray.  I am surrounded by boxes and paper and bits and pieces that didn’t go on the truck yesterday.  It starteread more »

Good Books

I’m looking for some good reading with a mature woman (dare I say crone) as the narrator or protagonist. I want books that have women dealing with challenging life circumstances with wisdom, integrity and reflection instead of running off onread more »

Love and Chemistry: Can Both Be Yours?

read more »

That was fun-now go home!!! Most Liked Hot Conversation

I have dreamed and prayed hoping to meet a nice man to have a long-term relationship with. But–is this what I really want? Breakfast in bed, quiet moments together, holding hands with long walks on the beach.holding and spending preciread more »

Vibrator Use and You: Just How Sexually Deviant Are You?

Many women find vibrator use to a bit embarrassing. They don’t want to talk about it or even think too much about it. But are you really a sexual deviant?read more »

Starting over in mid life Most Liked Hot Conversation

My husband and I met 5 years ago when we had both just come out of 15 year marriages.  Both in our mid 40′s.  Both with nothing.  I escaped my abusive exhusband with an armed police officer and only had 4 hours to grab everything I could.read more »

Is it advisable to ever comment on your boyfriend’s ex-wife? Hot Conversation

I’ve been dating a pleasant guy for a while now. His wife left him, and they rarely speak unless necessary and their kids are adults. The only remaining piece of business left now that the kids are now over 21, is to sell the family home (read more »

Porn opens up the fountain!

I have been separated for a year now, and have not had sex at all. I thought my libido was pretty much dead, as I have not even thought of sex that much, and have only had orgasms when I pretty much “forced” myself to masturbate becausread more »

how to know to leave with your dignity

Over 50 and in a relationship. not sure what kind? Seems like room mates. No sex, hardly any affection, really none at all. Guess I’m just here to pay bills 4 read more »