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Emotional abuse

My divorce was just finalized after more than 30 years in an emotionally abusive marriage. Have you ever been in long-term emotionally abusive relationship and what tips would you offer toward recovery? read more »

Shunned by Family Hot Conversation

Hi All, I would really apprecaite your words of wisdom. I have been dealing with what I consider a family ‘crisis’ since 2010. My husband and I attended a family weddng that fall as close relatives of the bride. In fact I was asked toread more »

Hurting Even Though I Have Done the Right Thing

Hi, My first post here. I’m 50 and have just ended a year long relationship with a 45 year old man because of his alcoholism. When we first met (through our daughters who are friends), I thought he was wonderful, everything I had been lookinread more »

Should I Grow My Challenging Hair??

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair, and at 67 it has become even more of a struggle. It is fairly thin, slightly curly, can be anywhere from limp in dry weather to frizzy when very humid, and the worst is – it lives in Cread more »

Friends with benefits Most Liked Hot Conversation

I’m 63 and have been a widow(and celibate) for 12 years. My best friend died about 6 months ago and I’ve been doing the friend with benefits thing with her husband for the past month or so. He isn’t ready for any kind of relationread more »

Who R the Women Stealing These Men?

I just found this site and have enjoyed reading how many of you have become survivors in failed relationships…I like the positive part.. But my question…Who Are These Men at Middle Age …finding all these women?  And What read more »

Is it wrong to go back to an old boyfriend?

28 years ago I met and fell in love with a man 4 years my junior. He was 21 and I was 25 and had recently got divorced after a short marriage. My then bf had real problems dealing with my ‘past’. But on the whole we had a passionate, lread more »

Husband still in touch with affair woman! Hot Conversation

Hi there, some thoughts would be appreciated! I have been separated for six months, my husband is living abroad and only comes home every ywo months or so for a few days. He had a text / emotional affair with a mutual friend, which of coursread more »

Military Mom Trying to Understand Hot Conversation

My very loving, caring, gregarious son joined the Air Force 5 years ago after graduating as an ROTC cadet in the intelligence field. He has undergone much testing and training, including survival, for his present position. Fast forward fiveread more »

Tough love or carry on enabling?

Hi VN ladies, Does anyone have the same problem I have in trying to decide what would help their adult kids, tough love or further enabling? My 21 year old son has the chance again this year to work in another country, something thatread more »