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Did You Know That Condoms Can Help With Female Dryness?

Many menopausal women in committed relationships don’t bother with condoms, and that’s a real shame.read more »

Adult kids and Expectations Most Liked Hot Conversation

I have a very good relationship with my kids, but most of our contact is generated by me. I know they are in the busy years – their busy kids ranging from grade school to highschool. And I know they need time to enjoy their spouses and frienread more »

My 22 year old (biopolar) son got a 16 year old girlfriend pregnant

I need to vent,cry, and figure out what to do next. My son who is bipolar not on meds and has not been living with us (my paramour and I) for almost 2 years, got his (i just found out) 16 year old pregnant. Our relationship has been ok but not verread more »

Breast Intentions in Menopause: Mammogram Guidelines

read more »

Divorced after 25 years

I got married to who I thought was going to be my spouse for life. We were married 25 years and have 3 older children now. I have had a spending problem but he always earned good money. When things started to get stressful, he became very nasty toread more »

Sifting and Sorting Most Liked

My husband says I am a sifter and sorter. I enjoy tackling big messes and taming them to manageable chaos. Each season, I sift and sort the family clothing. Making note of who needed what for the next season, outgrown or worn items are set read more »

Domestic Abuse

We also need to teach young men to walk away from a relationship where a woman thinks it’s ok to hit and spit at a man. Some men get involved with women that are mentally unstable. read more »

Mind Games and Gaslighting

I experienced being subjected to some form of mind games by my co-workers that eventually evolve into workplace bullying. the manner by which it was conducted was by speaking vague comments that are either insulting or sexual innuendos and i was kread more »

A Quest for Peace of Mind Most Liked Hot Conversation

For about 3 years now I have been banished from my son’s life.  His wife does not like me.  I have never met my two grandchildren, the oldest being a 3 years old girl the youngest being 3 months old boy.  They live 15 minutes away. My sonread more »

Need your insight

I have been married for 2 years to a very smart, funny and wonderful man. Our relationship is strong except that we have been arguing for our whole marriage over his non-relationship with my 17 year old son. This son, let’s call him Todd, isread more »