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Older Man?

I’m apparently “room-mating” with a man I had a relationship with for 6+ years and now that we live together he has no interest. No Hug…WOW a Little kiss, like I give my son, every day! I’m 8 years younger and I’read more »


I was in a relationship with my former spouse for over 30 years. Without going into details, I have been divorced from him for 1 year. It was his decision. Shortly after the separation I was diagnosed  with Stockholm syndrome. I feel like I have read more »

Apex: Kegel Exercises for Women Just Got Easier Most Liked

How do you know you’re performing Kegel exercises for women the right way? What if you’re doing more harm to your muscles than good? How can you be sure? The Apex device takes a lot of those questions out of the Kegel equation, and forread more »

Internet Dating

I’m a widow and recently started internet dating. I was matched with a gentleman who lived 4 hours away. We talked on the phone for over a month and we really enjoyed talking so we agreed he would come to my town to meet. We hit it off imread more »


Hi, To start with I am in a long-distance relationship with a lovely man in Amman, Jordan. He is 63 & I am 57.  I live in Australia. We have known each other for around 12 months now & we get along fabulously!!  I have fouread more »

You Know What They Say About Women and Vibrator Use, Don’t You?

Vibrator use can ruin your marriage, make it impossible for you to have a “normal” orgasm, and these tools are really only for losers anyway. People say lots of things about vibrators for women, but lots of it isn’t at all true. read more »

Relationship and family dynamic pressures at new year

Relationship counsellors receive 50% more phone calls after every Christmas and New Year as coread more »

Love without Sex Hot Conversation

I’m 67 years old.  After a 37 year marriage, my husband left me because I could no longer have sexual intercourse.  After our daughter was born 36 years ago, after a hugely difficult labor, I began to get bladder infections (wread more »

Daughter and her bad relationships

I finally divorced after 32 years; should have years before; “stayed for the kids”! Problem I’m wrestling with, my 22 year old daughter goes from one relationship right into another with guys who need to be rescued and she is theread more »

addictions/love/ think

I read this somewhere. . . it was intended for hospice and walking away from the painful moments. . .   I thought it would be good for allot of us adicted to old relationships.   Autobiography in five short chread more »