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don’t like my son in law

My son in law is a jerk, disrespectful and I believe controlling of my daughter.read more »

Want a Healthy Relationship? Practice the Platinum Rule Most Liked

read more »

Ex-Wife Moved To Same City Hot Conversation

Hi, I wanted others perspective on my husband’s ex-wife purchasing home for her, step-son and boyfriend right around the corner from where we currently live. I have no problem with the move, since i can’t tell someone read more »

A Conversation with My 16 Year Old Self

A few months ago, a cousin of mine requested letters from us old family members to give to her daughter in a book form for her 16th birthday. What a wonderful idea I thought as I read the criteria. She was asking the adult women in her daughterread more »

Best Makeup After 45: Favorite cosmetics and flattering application tips and tricks most recommended by women at midlife Most Liked

Best Makeup After 45: Favorite cosmetics and flattering application tips and tricks most recommended by women at midlife If you feel that you are stuck in a makeup rut, or simply want to experiment with looks and products that other women like you can’t stop talking about and recommending to one another – you’ll want to get your FREE copy of Best Makeup Afterread more »

Should I date a man’s who’s impotent? Hot Conversation

So I met this really nice guy, we’ve been seeing each other not exclusively yet but things are heading that way. He just told me that he hasn’t been able to have an erection for over a year. He seems very interested in me sexually so Iread more »

Son’s Wedding Plans

My only son is talking about getting married abroad in a couple of years. He hasn;t mentioned this to me although his fiance has casually. I now can’t stop thinking about it – he only has me for a parent and has no siblings – he read more »

Did You Know That Condoms Can Help With Female Dryness?

Many menopausal women in committed relationships don’t bother with condoms, and that’s a real shame.read more »

Adult kids and Expectations Most Liked Hot Conversation

I have a very good relationship with my kids, but most of our contact is generated by me. I know they are in the busy years – their busy kids ranging from grade school to highschool. And I know they need time to enjoy their spouses and frienread more »

My 22 year old (biopolar) son got a 16 year old girlfriend pregnant

I need to vent,cry, and figure out what to do next. My son who is bipolar not on meds and has not been living with us (my paramour and I) for almost 2 years, got his (i just found out) 16 year old pregnant. Our relationship has been ok but not verread more »