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Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms: A Viable Treatment for Heel Pain?

Surgery should always be the last resort for any medical treatment, but when plantar fasciitis symptoms, such as heel pain, causes sufferers to explore all treatments and cures, should surgery be considered an option?read more »

Don’t Let Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms Derail Your Vacation Plans

Some careful planning and preparation will prevent the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis from turning your dream vacation into a walking nightmare.read more »

Heel pain causes: Is Morton’s Toe overlooked when doctors diagnose plantar fasciitis?

One podiatrist, Dr. Burton Schuler of Panama City, Florida, argues that often plantar fasciitis treatments fail because one major heel pain cause is frequently overlooked: a short first metatarsal bone, also called Morton's Toe.read more »

Heel pain: Causes range from plantar fasciitis symptoms to stress fractures

Did you know that every birthday makes you more likely to have heel pain? Causes are not limited to but do include growing older.read more »

Toning shoes may ease the pain of plantar fasciitis symptoms temporarily — but at what cost?

Some members say that toning shoes help them regain mobility and lessen the effects of plantar fasciitis symptoms, but at what cost?read more »

Plantar fasciitis symptoms: 4 steps to properly rest for heel pain relief

The very first order of business in treating plantar fasciitis symptoms is to stop the activity or activities that contributed to the condition. Here are four tips to help you properly rest those overtaxed tootsies and get some heel read more »

3 ways to use ice as therapy for plantar fasciitis symptoms

If you're suffering from plantar fasciitis symptoms, ice may be the key to pain relief and the road to healing.read more »

Pay attention to plantar fasciitis symptoms, see your doctor, member warns

Nana Val put off having a doctor diagnose her heel pain causes, and now she warns other women not to delay when it comes to plantar fasciitis symptoms.read more »

many heel pain causes masquerade as plantar fasciitis symptoms

There are many heel pain causes, though many people are quick to diagnose themselves, and others, with plantar fasciitis symptoms.read more »

Age and overuse are the perfect scenario for plantar fasciitis symptoms

One of the most common ailments affecting the foot and ankle area is heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis symptoms have many causes including overuse (running, high-impact exercise, or standing for long periods of time), injury toread more »