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How’s Your Posture When You Do Kegel Exercises for Women? Most Liked

Unless you’re a member of an actual royal family, you probably don’t think about your posture enough — certainly not when you’re doing Kegel exercises for women. But the truth is, position matters. read more »

Apex: Kegel Exercises for Women Just Got Easier Most Liked

How do you know you’re performing Kegel exercises for women the right way? What if you’re doing more harm to your muscles than good? How can you be sure? The Apex device takes a lot of those questions out of the Kegel equation, and forread more »

How to Perform Perfect Kegel Exercises for Women

Developed by a doctor specifically to strengthen the female anatomy, Kegel exercises for women help you maintain and even improve your sex life. But if you do them the wrong way, you do yourself damage. There are many different aids and devices thread more »

Kegel Exercises for Women: How to Find the Right Muscles

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Advanced Kegel Exercises for Women

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What Not to Expect from Kegel Exercises for Women

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Will Pilates Work As Well As Kegel Exercises for Women?

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Turn Kegel Exercises for Women into a Video Game

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Why Kegel Exercises for Women Aren’t Working for You

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Stop doing your Kegel exercises for women while sitting down!

When Kegel exercises were first conceived in in 1948, nobody had a computer in their home or a phone in their pocket.read more »