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What Lisa Rinna can learn from Vibrant women

Lisa Rinna has been entertaining audiences and lighting up TV screens with her beautiful face for years.read more »

Friendship in midlife: How to identify a “toxic” friend

The common acronym BFF is a romanticized myth—reinforced by novels, movies, and our mothers—that friendships are supposed to last forever. But what do you do when a friendship is toxic? Or when you are unceremoniously dumped by your once-best friread more »

Finding your life’s passion after fifty. Hot Conversation

I lived a lot of years searching for the one thing I would do that would be ‘the right thing’, my passion. I discovered it six years ago–writing. And I’ve been blessed to have five novels published since that time. I’read more »

A Breathtaking Novel – Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman

Darn that Beth Hoffman. I laughed and cried over her debut novel Saving CeeCee read more »

Goodbye Emily – Hello New Favorite Novel

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Choosing a book club book: Try these classics and “can’t miss” books

The better the book, the better the book club discussion.read more »

Book club choices: Our favorite books about family

Everyone is part of a family of some kind, and that’s why books about family are so good at uniting us all.read more »

What should I read next: Book recommendations from Vibrant Nation members

The world is filled with books, but not all of them are worth your time -- or your book club's time.read more »

Best books to enjoy after 45 – great for book clubs!

You can only read the classics so many times, and every book on the bestseller list isn’t necessary a must-read.read more »

Stimulate your mind to overcome female dryness

Female dryness isn’t necessarily a physical problem, so you have to treat it on a mental and emotional level as well.read more »