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My dog and cats.

I realize that I am posting this on the family and relationship board. I do so for a reason.   I am alone, having no family to speak of or should I say that I speak to.   I have a sister that wants money. Any read more »

Is this a unique experience?

On December 27, 2014 we as a family of 3 went on a tenday cruise to the Caribbean. We went with another couple plus the mother. Our fifteen year old daughter shared a cabin with the mother of the other couple. The entire time of the cruise my husbread more »

Husband is tracking me

I left my husband a year ago because of his alcoholism.  Our divorce will be finalized next week.  He was very ill last fall (near death) and has been recovering slowly. He came back to work (we work together – I’m lookng for read more »

dating a man almost 11 years older Hot Conversation

Opinion I am recently divorced but separated years prior,.  Met a man i have been dating for over year and a half.  He is truly wonderful we have a fabulous relationship, compatiabiltiy.  etc.  I cannot find anything wrong with our relationshread more »

Thank God April Is Over

Last month was one of the worst months I’ve had in awhile. I’m so glad it’s over and done with, and I’m looking forward to better and brighter days with the month of May and this ahead. On the 15th of April my 7 monread more »

Ex Sex Hot Conversation

I’ve been separated from my Ex since June 2013. Our divorce was granted on April 1. I dated someone for about 8 months during that time. Last Sunday night the Ex and I were going to “meet for coffee”, which then turned into ̶read more »

I’ve been served divorce petition

We live in Texas. 53, married 20 yrs, 16 yr old still at home. After telling him I found out he was only hear till our boys graduated, (among other things) he moved out. I gave up my job 20 yers ago to stay home to take care of him, kids, home, fread more »

Looking ahead to the future of vibrators for women Most Liked

Current vibrators for women can respond to voice patterns, link up to smart phones and communicate with your partner even when they’re across an ocean. So the big question when it comes to vibrators is: what will they think of next?read more »

This may be the world’s weirdest vibrator for women Most Liked

Vibrators for women are no longer being made with realism in mind. Where designs of the past were made to resemble actual male anatomy, newer design trends have led to the creation of smaller, sleeker vibrators for women. For the woman who wants tread more »

This makes me want to become mean! Hot Conversation

I have a neighbor that has a very murky life style. Of one thing I do know is that he is trans sexual but has yet to have the operation or take the pills. He just wears a bra and speaks in falsetto.   We were kinda buddies or atread more »