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Need advice re: daughter’s wedding Hot Conversation

My only child (daughter) is getting married soon. She’s 30 and I have been single since she was 10. Here is my problem: I am an only child and both my parents were only children. I have one large family of second cousins I am close to, none read more »

A Widow for 21 months now. Most Liked Hot Conversation

I remember reading and being told you can’t do anything for at least a year when your husband dies.  You have to give yourself time to morn, and heal. . . I have watched two winters drag by, and two summers, hoping as the change read more »

Silly Sessions: Emerging From The Gloom Of Loss! Most Liked

Two days before the one-year anniversary of my mom’s passing, I found myself in a pathetic mood.  I was weepy, sad, focusing on all of the unpleasant memories of the 9 years my mom and our family lived with her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Aread more »

The Best Vibrator Accessories You Should Have

If you enjoy using vibrators, you should have the best vibrator accessories to go with it…right?read more »

Don’t Think It’s Dyspareunia? Pain May Come After Sex, Too

Dyspareunia isn’t just pain that occurs during sex, because the pain may not come until after sex is over.read more »

Not invited Hot Conversation

I have a circle of friends. One of which has a son who is getting married in the fall. Now when she first annouced her son was getting married, I told her not to worry about inviting me. I live in another state, haven’t been close toread more »

Wish me luck!

I filled out an application for a Special Ed teacher’s aide at one of the inner city school districts. It is a HUGE district. It has a 75% free lunch/free breakfast participation rate if that tells you anything about the district… read more »

What’s happening TO us is actually happening FOR us

Honestly, have you ever thought why me?  Why is this always happening to me?   Why can’t I lose this weight even though I’m doing all the right things?  Why is the health problem happening NOW?  My job sucks!  My kids, spouse/partner, boread more »

Heat Flashes

I would like to know if any of you ladies have had heat flashes after you’ve been through menopause.  I’m even getting night sweats at times.  It’s not often but I know what they are and I AM having them.  I’m now 71 anread more »

Something light and wonderful

You who have children understand this, you that have pets understand this…   I found a kitten close to death, all 1/2 pd of her, that could fit in my hand, sorry and sick and so blessed tired she just say in the yard and dread more »