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Costing Your Boss Money!

I was surprised to see in the medical news a few weeks ago, that someone had tallied up the cost that hot flashes are causing to businesses and insurance companies over the space of a year! Really? It is true that hot flashes can resread more »

The Mental Picture of Being Hired

I had two debt collection job interviews this week. One of which I already know I was not picked for. No reason given and I don’t think I will get one if asked. It was a telephone interview and the one thing that I noted is that they read more »

Guilty Grandma?

What ever happened to the benefits of being a grandma and enjoying your grandchildren and sending them home?  My daughter gets upset with me if I say “no” to babysitting every once in a great while.  She makes me feel guilty and saysread more »

ex husband

My ex-husband passed away on Tuesday morning.  We had a daughter while we were married.  After our divorce, he remarried and had another child.  At that time he offered my present husband to adopt her, almost 29 years ago.  When she turned 18 read more »

My grandson.

My 5 year old grandson was just diagnosis wirh dyslexia and adhd..My daughter lives in a small town.She knows of no other child that has this in her town.His kindergarden teach has been very mean and rude about about his condition.The Dr.is puttinread more »

Need advice re: daughter’s wedding Hot Conversation

My only child (daughter) is getting married soon. She’s 30 and I have been single since she was 10. Here is my problem: I am an only child and both my parents were only children. I have one large family of second cousins I am close to, none read more »

A Widow for 21 months now. Most Liked Hot Conversation

I remember reading and being told you can’t do anything for at least a year when your husband dies.  You have to give yourself time to morn, and heal. . . I have watched two winters drag by, and two summers, hoping as the change read more »

Silly Sessions: Emerging From The Gloom Of Loss! Most Liked

Two days before the one-year anniversary of my mom’s passing, I found myself in a pathetic mood.  I was weepy, sad, focusing on all of the unpleasant memories of the 9 years my mom and our family lived with her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Aread more »

The Best Vibrator Accessories You Should Have

If you enjoy using vibrators, you should have the best vibrator accessories to go with it…right?read more »

Don’t Think It’s Dyspareunia? Pain May Come After Sex, Too

Dyspareunia isn’t just pain that occurs during sex, because the pain may not come until after sex is over.read more »