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Wish me luck!

I filled out an application for a Special Ed teacher’s aide at one of the inner city school districts. It is a HUGE district. It has a 75% free lunch/free breakfast participation rate if that tells you anything about the district… read more »

What’s happening TO us is actually happening FOR us

Honestly, have you ever thought why me?  Why is this always happening to me?   Why can’t I lose this weight even though I’m doing all the right things?  Why is the health problem happening NOW?  My job sucks!  My kids, spouse/partner, boread more »

Heat Flashes

I would like to know if any of you ladies have had heat flashes after you’ve been through menopause.  I’m even getting night sweats at times.  It’s not often but I know what they are and I AM having them.  I’m now 71 anread more »

Something light and wonderful

You who have children understand this, you that have pets understand this…   I found a kitten close to death, all 1/2 pd of her, that could fit in my hand, sorry and sick and so blessed tired she just say in the yard and dread more »

I think I am getting my MOJO back!

Yesterday I had a good day.   Called the movers and got a quote from moving 25 miles from where I am located to a new glam apartment where the jobs are located.   Went to the dollar store and did my research oread more »

Water in one of my ears

In the last 6 wks or so, I keep feeling and hearing the sound of water in one of my ears. I haven’t been swimming, so it must be coming from the shower when I wash my hair. I never have had this happen before and I am 58, I can get it to go read more »

What is a good neighbor?

I have lived in the complex here in Indy since leaving my then husband. That would be almost two years now.   When I moved in I had no furniture so I was sleeping on the floor. Just got the furniture when I sneaked in the “read more »

Cat up a tree

I have a walled garden and no pets except a wild hedgehog who lives in a little hut I put at the back of my property. He is very helpful in that he eats slugs…and he’s so cute he looks like a little brush on legs. My neighbours read more »

The Computer Mouse: The Next Big Craze in Vibrators for Women?

The computer mouse is one of the most recognizable tools in everyone’s daily life, and vibrators for women are a pretty well-used tool as well.read more »

And, Finally the Greatest Thing I’ve learned from my Training Most Liked

When I started my psychology of eating training back in October 2013, I was in a place in my mind, body and spirit that I was broken, weak and powerless. I knew I wanedt to help people who were like me.  People who wanted to find out all the answread more »