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Weight. Hot Conversation

I need to lose 10 lbs or maybe 15 would be better in the next 6 weeks.It is for my 40 class reunion…Does any one have any good ideas? PLEASE HELP. 1 read more »

Steps to Take to Improve Urinary Incontinence

I understand, you can’t do your jumping jacks any longer. Or cough in public, laugh uproariously; or take up running. Menopause can be so unfair to some of us. I know. For some reason, when I was starting to go through menopause; I could no longread more »

Excessive Waits at Dr.’s Office

Yesterday I had an appointment for an MRI.  We live in a rural area and have to travel nearly two hours to a world-renowned clinic where the care assumably is good.  My husband has a painful back problem and it’s not easy for him to sit inread more »

What happened to dreams and passion? Most Liked Hot Conversation

Hello, I’ve been a member for over a year but have been preoccupied with personal business matters that took up all my time. It is just now that I am able to resume thinking about some things that I needed to put down in order in order to aread more »

Buying Vibrators for Women? Get a Groupon First

Turn to Groupon to find great deals on vibrators for women.read more »

Why Making Friends with Your Girls May Save Your Life

Breast self-exam (BSE) is widely promoted as a practice that helps women find breast cancer early. The idea is that finding it early will save lives. There’s just one problem: No study ever has found that BSE reduces read more »

My 22 year old (biopolar) son got a 16 year old girlfriend pregnant

I need to vent,cry, and figure out what to do next. My son who is bipolar not on meds and has not been living with us (my paramour and I) for almost 2 years, got his (i just found out) 16 year old pregnant. Our relationship has been ok but not verread more »

Advice on being picked on Hot Conversation

I am in my early 60′s and after 10 months of being laid off from an employer who sold the business,  I was happy to be back in the work force.  I work in a moderate size office and know my trade exceptionally well. The agency is owned by aread more »

verbally abusive husband Hot Conversation

I am in a second marriage at 61 years old for the past five years. My husband has an explosive temper that is directed at me frequently. Sometimes someting I say inflames him and he starts shouting at me and won’t stop. I have told him that read more »

Fall Foliage, Travel, and Good Eating

Traveling and not letting your healthy goals unravel can be hard. My particular dilemma is eating reasonably healthy when camping. Luckily, we only camp for a few days at most; and exercise is not an issue on these weekends.What I have comeread more »