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This makes me want to become mean! Hot Conversation

I have a neighbor that has a very murky life style. Of one thing I do know is that he is trans sexual but has yet to have the operation or take the pills. He just wears a bra and speaks in falsetto.   We were kinda buddies or atread more »

Remote Control Your Vibrator Use

Vibrator use is supposed to be relaxing, and it should definitely be easy. But sometimes, it’s not. Many vibrators for women have to be controlled through hand held use. You’ve got to position yourself just so to get everything in the righread more »

Do Vibrators for Women Cause Urinary Tract Infections?

The vagina and the urinary tract are pretty close together, and one can affect the other, but does that mean vibrators for women can cause urinary tract infections? Vibrator Use and Your Urinary Tract Some women may read more »

Dollar Store Beauty Mask Most Liked Hot Conversation

Want radiant skin on a budget? With $5 you can create a beauty regimen that will have your skin glowing. All items can be picked up at any Dollar Store. You can use a clear soap to wash your face. Then use a small amount ( less than half a tsp) ofread more »

What Illness Made Me Finally Do

If you do not know I went through the flu from hell plus plus over the last three weeks with only myself to care for me and my dog and two cats.   Cooking, cleaning, bathing, going to the store etc. while wearing face mask and hread more »

The high cost of cleaning up after your cat and you!

As some of you know by now I have been down with the flu from hell proceeded by an ear infection and then a (please give me the patience of Job), a nasty reoccurence of the fibroid bleeding from hell and back due to the steroids the doc had me shoread more »

What I learned these last few days

I posted a couple of days ago about being left alone without help during an illness that could have become and was close to hospitalization.   1. I believe that those that I asked to help me…even in as getting some cat fooread more »

Lying on my Back With a Surgical Mask On

There is nothing more painful than to push yourself from your bed because if you don’t the neighbors may find you comatose long after you care.   Like my father.   That is what I did today. Hacking, cougread more »

Stuff and Emotional baggage

I wrote a couple of days ago about how I am purging my closets. I was on kind of an emotional high there for awhile. Jettisoning unwanted, unneeded stuff was exhilarating. My closets and drawers for clothes, makeup, linens (yes, I got rid of frayeread more »

Diverticulosis…Anyone have this?

I am amazlingly healthy at 68, but have diverticulosis/lisis……..it rarely flares up, but omigosh…….from 4 a.m. until late evening…..pain every few minutes, just like labor; pills they gave me don’t work, so I orread more »