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family trip to New York City

Wise and traveled ones, My husband and I hope to take 2 5 year olds and two married sets of children to New York to see Radio City Show, Rock. Plaza, etc.   Do you have a best suggestion for hotel or condo. to rent?  trying VRBO.  Help read more »

Sometimes you feel like a nut…

Re-call the spinach, re-call the tomatoes (or jalapenos, or cilantro or what ever it was that made us deathly ill but was never quiread more »

What Arianna Huffington can learn from Vibrant women

Women learn a lot from other women, their mistakes and their successes.read more »

What Vibrant women can learn from Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews has been a role model for women since the 1960s, and she’s still teaching lessons even today.read more »

What Jane Fonda can learn from Vibrant women

It’s never easy to be a woman, and even celebrities like Jane Fonda have lots to learn about being role models, professionals and still feminine in today’s world.read more »

What Vibrant women can learn from Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has climbed higher in politics than any other woman in US history, which makes her one of the best possible role models for vibrant women.read more »

3 lessons Vibrant women can learn from Madonna

Madonna has been teaching other women lessons since the 1980s, when she told Dick Clark she was going to rule the world on American Bandstand.read more »

What Vibrant women can learn from Diane Keaton

If you’ve watched any movie made after the year 1970, chances are pretty high that you will recognize Diane Keaton, an actress who is truly a vibrant woman.read more »

How do you feel when your kids leave home?

I have weathered a multitude of separations from my sons. There was camp, college, trips abroad, a year abroad and once again last Sunday, the return to college of my youngest son. I imagined it would be easier this year–he wasn’t leaving for a yread more »

What you need to know before having a chin and neck lift Most Liked

If your neck is looking a little droopy and your chin a bit too undefined, you might start considering plastic surgery.read more »